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Post-Crucible fic. It's also a sorta companion piece to what Mecchan wrote for Oliver, well, in the vaguest sense in the word anyway. >.>;;

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Sep. 25th, 2009 06:04 pm
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[a couple days or so has passed since everything returned to normal, and despite a few harsh words he had for the scientists, his mood has actually been pretty positive. how could he not be happy when everybody's lived? he's sat down with random groups of people--often pulling up a chair and jumping into the middle of an interesting conversation--and learnt all sorts of things about them and what their worlds are like. unsurprisingly, nothing lines up with his universe, so of course it only intrigues him more.

but after a while of this, he finds himself getting antsy and leaves his new acquaintances before he can grow attached too them. so like that, he's drifted around the ship, avoiding face-to-face contact with those he's grown to care for over the course of their journey together, but as the days dwindle away--and he recalls how he treated Olivia the first time around--he knows that if he's going to do anything, he better to it now, so he reaches for his Sphere and switches it on.]

Ahhh, can I get everybody's attention? Well, not the original passengers and that lot, you can return to your dining and well, whatever else you were doing.

But to everybody else, my fellow anachronistic travellers on this ship... I'm not sure what's going to happen once Orion and his two scientists finish their task or how it's going to happen, but we'll be back in our own universes and times again one way or another.

If we don't see each other again...[he trails off, looking away for a moment, muttering:] I might as well say it before it's too late, but--[his gaze returns back to the Sphere]--I wanted to say thank you. We've been through some difficult times, us: crashed into a planet, subjected to all sorts of things I'd never experienced in my long life, saw new friends come and go, and, well, nearly being killed several times. Certainly has that odd effect of bringing people together, and you lot made me proud, so very proud, and I'm glad to have met all of you, especially--well, you know who you are. I'm only sorry we couldn't have met under different circumstances and had ourselves a right proper holiday. At least we can now, huh?

So! [throws on a grin] Who's up for a bit of fun?

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Sep. 11th, 2009 10:13 pm
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[a frustrated sigh is the first thing to broadcast over the Sphere, followed by the appearance of a tall, skinny woman with long, dark hair who appears to be wearing a suit exactly like the Doctor's brown pinstripe suit. unfortunately, the Sphere's only showing her from behind and there really isn't much to see as she doesn't have much of a figure. she doesn't seem to notice that her trousers are a little tight around her hips--the only thing, really, that is snug--but otherwise, they're cut to length. the only things that are ill-fitting are the suit-coat, which is too baggy around her shoulders, and the button-up shirt and other ones layered underneath.]

[grumbling under her breath, she runs an impatient hand through her hair.] Damn glasses, they used to stay on my face...

[finally, the Sphere swings around to show her fast at work in the security station, her expression severe and focused completely on the task at hand. until she suddenly smacks a hand on the desk and slumps into a chair there. she tears the glasses from her face and tucks them away into an inside pocket of her suit.]

Blimey, what the hell did he do?! I've tried everything and I still can't figure it out. There has to be something I'm missing...

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Sep. 6th, 2009 11:29 pm
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[if he had any doubts about punishing Ganymede in the past, they're gone now. absolutely gone. no words can effectively describe how downright furious and upset he is to have seen all those people perish in a blink of an eye.] had no right to use, to murder all those people! Ohhh, I knew you were mad, but to go this far?!

[but before he has a chance to fully continue, the words of Orion's own furious transmission reaches his ears and he watches in horror as the man disappears.]

No! Damn it, Orion, no! You can't kill him! I told you not to, you stupid, stupid boy!

[angrily, he runs a hand through his hair, completely oblivious to the fact that bits of snow are falling onto his shoulders and Christmas carols can be heard. finally, after a moment of stewing, he rounds on the Sphere and growls:] Riku, I thought I told you to keep a close eye on him. Why didn't you go with him? This is precisely why I told you watch him so he didn't go do something completely idiotic like this!
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[after taking some time out to think and sift through his memories of the ship--and of course fixing himself a cuppa to help fire up those synapses--he finally leaves his room and makes his way down to Level 11. he had heard Ryuuko's transmission from there earlier, but something about the level itself still bothers him. once there, he turns away from the brig section of the level and heads toward where the entrance to the secondary maintenance bay should be--but its doors have never opened.]

Ganymede once mentioned there being another maintenance bay on this level, but we were forbidden to go into it. The library was like that once as well, but that eventually opened--but the bay never did. [mutters] Damn thing's deadlock sealed...

If you can, Orion, come down here, I think I--[his device goes off, sounding loudly from his coat pocket. his tone lightens]--well, I think I might have something. Do you need help getting down? [smiles mischievously] You sure you don't want that wheelchair?
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[after making sure anybody who' going to search has a device and is trained to use it, the Doctor finally sets off for the Enviro-dome! once there, he tries to remember where certain things were: the cabin in the middle of the forest, the lift from Level Ten, even the shoddy representation of Ancient Egypt.

for a while he walks, holding out his device until he reaches an approximate spot where the lift would have been--and the device goes off. it blares out obnoxiously because obviously all devices of a detecting sort
should, at least to him.]

Ah ha...I think I have something here! [holds out his device and briskly walks around the area, the noise occasionally sounding off.] Yeeep, definitely have something. Odd place for it though.

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Aug. 31st, 2009 04:34 pm
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[not too long after his conversation with Orion came to end, he immediately set about gathering parts to create a special scanner that could detect the energy stamps of console activity, as Orion so kindly put it. so far, he's managed to completely cannibalise both sides of his suite's barcode scanner, the remaining items not used by the TARDIS--leaving only one functioning heating coil for tea of course, as well as the fridge--and a maintenance robot he caught trying to repair his barcode scanner and later dismantled.

currently, he sits in the living area of his suite, all these parts spread around him in what looks to be utter chaos, but makes complete and rational sense to him. he has his glasses on with an attachment to the right side that contains various additional lenses for close-up detail work--and wears an expression of complete concentration and is seemingly unaware of anyone else in the room. until he looks up at those in the room with him.]

How are the rest of you lot coming? I think I have everything from Orion's list here to create what we need, but there's a few ways we can go about it. I'm just about done with mine, I think. Need to do a couple calibration tests. This...hasn't been made easy with all the strange physics defying anomalies--and frankly, I would've been done long before now [doesn't bother to hide his annoyance in regards to that.]
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[out into the hallway on Level 20 floats a sheet of paper, a plain one torn out of a notebook with a simple message written on it. soon it lands face up on the floor and showing its message for anybody who happens to be monitoring:]

The message's contents )

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Aug. 17th, 2009 08:08 pm
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Some Doctor ramblings, feel free to have heard him talking to himself. )

[grinning, he heads out into the hallway, a plan up his sleeve, but knows some might not like what he's going to say. it's a chance he's going to have to take.]

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Aug. 13th, 2009 07:14 pm
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[the faint whirring sound of the sonic screwdriver can be heard the moment the Sphere comes on, and from the look of utter concentration and determination on the Doctor's face, it's a sure sign he's been at this for a while. he's still in his tuxedo, though the suit coat and bowtie lie discarded on the ground some feet away, torn off within moments of his removal from the restaurant.]

All right, listen you lot. I don't know about you, but I'm not going to stay locked in my room forever. So if you want out, let me know, I'm on my way, but I'm not sure if your doors will lock right back up behind you or not, so I'd be prepared for that inevitability. I won't always be able to run and let you in and out of your room--especially if you have to use the loo; I'm not going to play chaperone.

[a pause] Well, fine, I could do with a bit of a run, limber up the old bones, so I'll do it in rounds, but if anybody else can get out, do and let the others know you're available to help.

And Ollie and Donna? I've just about got it, so I'm giving you ten minutes to pack--less for you, Ollie, I'm sorry--but you two are staying with me and the TARDIS and don't even think about giving me any guff. Got it? [wags a finger at the Sphere before he releases it and returns to his work.]

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Aug. 2nd, 2009 09:53 pm
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[he stares at the scene playing out but says nothing, not wishing to miss a word, but finds he's too far away to hear what the people in white are saying, so he moves from his vantage point in the orange hallway, entering the bay. his eyebrows knit together as he nears them and still he can't hear anybody else but Ganymede. soon enough, however, the scene fades away and as it does, he reaches for his Sphere, still standing in that particular auxiliary bay, and turns the device on. by the time he has it on, the scene's completely gone. surely someone else had to have seen it!]

Well...that was rather enlightening. Seems our good Captain was up to something after all.

[mutters, looking away] If only I could've heard what those other two said...

Did anybody else happen to see that? Did that show up anywhere else on the ship?

[ooc: From here, the Doctor's going to try to organise people to be on different levels of the ship to catch Ganymede's other appearances--well, once he learns that you had to be there to see that scene, that is...]

θ 49

Jul. 31st, 2009 09:31 pm
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[being in a cat's body, surprisingly, hasn't been all too bad, even if he's felt an overwhelming need to rub up against anything and everything and dangling objects seem far more desirable than they have ever have in his past. the difference in his vision did take some getting used to. couldn't quite perceive some colours as well as others, but at least he wasn't colour-blind like a dog.

the sleeping many hours in the day thing, however, did take some getting used to, even after all the sleep he'd had thanks to being in Donna's body. he never realised just how wasteful cats could be of their time. slept far too much for his tastes!]

[but now, he's looking pensive and deep in thought, well, as pensive and thoughtful a cat can look whilst carrying a small jingly toy he nicked from the toy shop a couple days ago in his mouth. his sphere comes on while he's doing this and he doesn't notice he's purring and making noises that say, "I've caught my prey! Look what I've caught!" and several variations of the call until he notices the blinking light on his Sphere. that certainly gets his attention and he drops the toy, and forces himself to walk away from it.]

Sorry about that. Don't know what came over me, but I'm glad this came on. Had a question to ask...[he can see that toy of his out of the corner of his eye, and that sidetracks him for a brief moment.] lot.

[turns away again, his tail swishing. he's annoyed with himself.] Have any of you [he looks again and he assumes a pre-pouncing position, his voice dropping to a whisper] heard from the Captain lately? I think he's--[and he pounces! and starts wrestling with his toy, purring loudly. sorry, he's a bit distracted now...]

θ 48

Jul. 24th, 2009 10:26 pm
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[the Doctor in a certain ginger's body is a bit winded after the climb down to the ninth level. the activity certainly is far easier in his own body, but in Donna's, there are a couple...obstacles that make things difficult to accomplish simply because he isn't used to them being there in the slightest.

well, in any case, the less he thinks about Donna's body, the better off he'll be, especially in her eyes. he feels awkward enough rooting through her wardrobe for clothes. he's never done anything like that to his companions' property--at least not until he came on-board
the Crucible, that is--but if needs must, and if there's a source of clothing for him to put on, you can bet he's going to use it. although, his clothing choices don't exactly match. clearly, he had far too many options to choose from.]

Well... [props his hands on his hips briefly before promptly shoving them into his pockets--yes, he was sure to put on trousers with pockets.] This place seems about the same. Same ol' hole--though thankfully we didn't have the explosion to go along with it. And... [he removes a pair of snazzy specs (or so the Doctor thinks, especially for a woman), puts them on, and squats down to examine a piece of debris on the ground.] Yep. Even the same old debris. Well, sort of. I'd be highly surprised if this was the exact state it was in when the hole first appeared.

I wonder if that journal's still here...

θ 47

Jul. 20th, 2009 10:10 am
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[it's been a few hours since Orion's last transmission to the passengers, and after some quiet reflection in his suite, the Doctor's mind is still processing all that he's learned. however, he's no fool; no doubt, he's only heard a fraction of what Orion knows. like father, like son.

thankfully, he knows a way he can bridge that knowledge gap, being the clever and brilliant man that he is. and so, he reaches for his Sphere--after doing a bit of actual cleaning in the TARDIS' and his suite, shopping for drinks of all kinds, and putting his clothes back on--and opens up a ship-wide transmission.]

You know, the universe isn't all that big when you think about it. We've been fortunate enough to be brought together from all sorts of places, times, even different dimensions! Blimey, we're quite motley crew when you think about it, and I certainly don't mean the band. But think about it! What an opportunity to share knowledge and compare how life is lived elsewhere other than in our own normal spheres of existence!

In celebration of that, I think it's time we had a party. [grins] Yes, definitely a party! It's been a while since we've had one of this calibre, and what a better time to celebrate than right now! This very minute! We could reminisce about times long past--or meeting up with mates we haven't seen in a while--over some great food and a pint or two. Or a drink of your choosing. Not everyone likes a pint of bitter. Me, well, I'll probably have tea.

So! If you're feeling up for a little relaxing, and some rather engaging conversations--and trust me, we'll have plenty, being the lively and well-rounded lot that we are--come up to my room on Level 20. It's the Metis Suite, name's on the door, first one right off the transportation pad. Can't miss it.

Oh...[remembers something and begins to rub the back of his neck sheepishly]...I just ask you bring your own food. I, uh, haven't kept the kitchen stocked with much as of late. I know, I know, not your normal party, but hey, bring a dish to pass around, and you'll be bound to have at least one thing you like! I do, however, have plenty of drinks, so don't bother with that unless you really want something specific.

Even if you don't want to stay for long, stop by and say hello. I promise you that it'll be well worth your while. [he smiles brightly, almost flirtatiously, but it doesn't quite reach that piercing look in his eyes.]

[ooc: In case characters have any questions for him about this 'party' of his, he'll be fielding questions.]

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Jul. 17th, 2009 06:53 pm
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[when the Sphere clicks on, it shows very little, actually, with the exception of the steel supports holding up the floor above. the Doctor certainly isn't visible from the Sphere's perspective. actually, the device is quite lost and only once he speaks is it able to hone in on his echoing voice, showing nothing more than a pale figure. the light in the maintenance bay is as dim and bad as he remembers, but thankfully, he can see pretty damn well in the dark.]

Hmmm, so this is as far as I can go, huh? [smirks to himself and heads back towards the stairwell leading back up to level 11.] Heh, good to know. At least there isn't another hole like the last time. [stops randomly, stooping over to pick up a piece of metal, the bolts still attached to the ends. he frowns, wondering what happened to the machine it once was a part of. or rather where that machine or ship is now. he shrugs and continues on his way, speaking again after a few minutes.]

Anyone else have a fortuitous conversation with Orion? Mine was...[opens the door to the stairwell, light spilling out and finally showing him to be completely naked--save for a rather snazzy pair of boxer-briefs with stars printed all over the dark blue fabric.]...rather illuminating. [still smirks, unaware of his state of undress. though, that smirk fades to a more serious expression as he begins to ascend the stairs.]

Still, he didn't blink an eye when I mentioned that the fact that I knew Ganymede was his father, or that yet again, not a single one of us is on the passenger manifest. [tightens his fists and smashes one down onto the railing as the door closes behind him, a loud clang resounding throughout the whole of the stairwell.] Obviously we wouldn't be on the passenger manifest, the idiot! And I just know he'll dick us around again like he did before! When it comes to saving a life, one shouldn't hesitate! Each life is precious and the more time wastes sitting comfortably in that damned ship of his, the more of a chance there'll be that everyone will just get hurt again! But no...he can't come himself...Ganymede'll just die again.

If I have to, I'll...[falls silent.]

θ 45

Jul. 15th, 2009 05:56 pm
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[It's not often one gets to tolerate the presence on one's past self. For a Time Lord, the chances of running into one's self in a past, present, or future incarnation increases the longer one has lived. The universe is only so big, after all. While he's met himself on a handful of occasions, this time, however, is vastly different from the rest. For one, the universe hasn't been thrown into peril by their meeting.

And two, it's only their voices he hears. Thankfully, he hasn't had to converse with them, or else his mood might be considerably different than the present one he's in. Besides, he's sure a good number of them would be insulting his choice of dress or how he's styled his hair--some were particular about such things--and he'll maintain that this current style is his favourite, and therefore the best, unlike some who think the best thing to pin to his coat is a decorative vegetable or cat badge. He's glad to have grown out of that question mark phase, and had he come face to face with those who were stuck in it, he would have had words for them.]

Let the memory live again )
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Just a bit of indulgence on my part (and so I can keep all the Doctors straight >.>;), here's a colour/font cheat sheet for them all:

The Ten Doctors )

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Jul. 7th, 2009 11:47 am
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[when the Sphere turns on, it appears as though it's caught him in the middle of a bath, water dripping off his wet hair onto naked shoulders. only, a moment later, the Sphere pulls back a little to reveal a large length of silken brown, blue, and white striped fabric that once was his tie set around something that looks suspiciously like a blue tea cup. in fact, it is, especially if the giant tea spoon peeking out from underneath the tie and the giant tin filled with English Breakfast tea is any indication.

in truth, he's not exactly sure what he thinks about being able to take a bath in his tea cup. he'd rather be drinking his tea, not sitting in the water he intended to use for it. from the displeased expression on his face, he's rather annoyed at the Sphere for catching him in his current predicament. he doesn't bother to mention Ganymede; he's already made his complaints to the Captain.]

Well, I can definitely say I've never done this before. Can check it off my list--though, I'll have to add it to the list then check it off. [mutters] And I've never worn my tie like that before...

[he sighs, slinging his wet arms over the edge of the tea cup, his feet poking up out of the water on the other side.] This new height is very inconvenient. I wanted to modify my Sphere today, but I can't even carry my sonic screwdriver without help. [from off-screen, there's a little squeak, the tone robotic and tinny, followed by a couple others.] Yes, yes, I know you have a job to do, but you're helping me out! That's your job for right now.

Anyway, where was I? [pauses for a moment, running a hand through his hair and ignoring the continued squeaks of protest from off-screen.] Oh yes, being inconvenienced. I rather think that's a theme Ganymede likes to use in these games of his. Orion does a good enough job dabbling in them himself, though he plays those off as us doing him a favour, or us needing to do something so he can help us. Fat lot of good he's been so far. Let him on-board and his father'll turn up dead again--and where will our answers be then? At the end of another black hole?

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Jul. 3rd, 2009 12:57 pm
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[When the sphere pops on, he doesn't notice that it has since he's very much lost in his own thoughts. For all of the control he has over those mental shields of his, a few stray thoughts still manage to slip through, though, for a mind as great and vast as his, a few is more like a stream flowing steadily from his head, gathering above him like a swarm of angry bees about to descend upon whatever has earned their ire. Well, minus the noise and the potential for a lot of stinging, of course.

Ever wonder just what goes on in a Time Lord's mind? Unfortunately, some of the images contained within the thought bubbles are of complicated Gallifreyan symbols only he and the TARDIS can understand, but have another look and you'll see the ever constant presence of the blue police box as well as the TARDIS in her Time Lady form in several of the bubbles, and amongst those are three black holes, three different versions of the dead Ganymede, an alive Ganymede and Orion in separate bubbles, a cup of tea which turns into a tea kettle because he definitely feels like more than one. And actually, he gets up from where he's been sitting in the starboard observatory on level 14, and begins to head toward one of the fine restaurants there to have himself a cuppa. While he walks, more bubbles containing the number three, snatches of the warning on level three in different ones, a banana, and his sonic screwdriver pop up along with the rest.

Of course, now that he's just entering the restaurant--he only went to the nearest one, a pretty little affair with white linens and flowers everywhere--different items of food begin to appear above his head--along with a yo-yo, that old ridiculously long scarf of his, and a windmill--that quickly cover up the more gruesome images from his nightmare and some of the ones still floating above his head. The captain is ever present, and if one looked even closer, you might catch the one stray thought containing some thick chains, though for what purpose, only he knows.

As he goes to have a seat, he happens to catch a glimpse of himself in a convenient decorative mirror and he groans seeing the veritable storm of thought bubbles above his head.]

Not again... This is getting to be very damned intrusive.

[Starts to make a mental note to do some more mind training but stops--though not before another thought bubble appears containing a notepad and a pen scribbling away. He sees that in the mirror as well and begins to grumble under his breath, quite annoyed with himself.]


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