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May. 9th, 2009 09:55 am
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[curfew's just ending and where is he? in his suite like an obedient passenger, except he's not chomping on his bit to leave as usual, no, not today. when the sphere turns on, he's standing in the bathroom, the door closed, and wearing only just a pair of pyjama bottoms as he hangs his head over the sink. his face remains hidden from view as water droplets slide down his hair and trickle down the tip of his poor swollen nose. wet hands clutch white-knuckled at the edges of the sink while goose pimples run up bare arms and down his naked torso as he just stands there for a moment longer, oblivious to the transmission.

with his back still to the sphere, he reaches for a towel, gripping it awkwardly with his thumb and tries pinning the material between it and the glove-like cast on his left hand. after fumbling with it for a moment, he shifts his body and grabs at it with his good hand, muttering something under his breath as he throws the towel over his head. it's right then, however, as he's drying his hair that he catches the sphere in the mirror's reflection--and how he can tell that it's on when it looks like a miniature sun, well, it's probably best not to ask. probably wouldn't give a straight answer anyway.

and whether he'll admit if he's been to the curious window on Level 23 or not is anybody's guess.]

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Apr. 25th, 2009 01:45 pm
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[the moment those creatures appear on the holograms, the very moment after the captain left them with his ominous message, he feels as though something has been ripped away from him and for a while, it leaves him breathless. it's been a long, long time since he's felt this, like time itself was torn away. to him, it's like losing a limb.

but seeing the creatures all over the sphere network--and noticing where they were, he pushes that empty feeling, as well as one of worry, aside. he's done it once before, after all. something about them though...they set his teeth on edge. that empty spot is filled with...something he can't quite place. a strange breed of determination, perhaps, even for him.]

Those--those creatures. [even with determination on his side, his voice is still slightly strained.] Everyone, we don't know if they're just holograms or...something new. It wouldn't be the first time we've encountered strange beings on the ship before.

Please don't try to interact with them even if they are holograms. We just can't be too careful, not after the ice creature in the Enviro-dome. If you can, stay in your rooms! They're the safest place we can be right now. I mean it.

[even after saying all that, he's leaving his suite, the big hypocrite. he has to see for himself if oliver, lara, and the rest of them are all right.]

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Apr. 10th, 2009 10:28 pm
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[casually he walks through the transformed level 15, evoking memories of his visits to medieval Romania and other villages just like the one he walks through now. he half expects to look up and see a castle silhouette in front of a full moon, clouds hiding the uppermost spires of the castle towers, but alas there is no such thing. instead, a heavy fog rolls in between the spaces of the dilapidated houses so thick he can't see below his waist after a moment. he makes a face at it, shrugs, and continues on.

soon, he's wandering out of the disquietingly empty 'village'. his hearts begin to race in anticipation; he's yet to see any vampires, and if he's going to, now's the time with him venturing out alone. he just wants to test how far the holograms go, what their limitations are. but they still don't appear.]

Oh come on, I know you're there! [tries to not sound annoyed.] Let's see what you're made--

[he cuts himself off, hearing soft laughter in his ear, the laughter so close it feels like it's coming from right behind him, but upon whirling around, he sees nothing but more fog. narrowing his eyes, he steps in the direction he heard the laughter come from.

a second later he hears it again, stronger this time. and again, the voice deeper, more malicious and menacing. a frown crosses his features and he continues to follow the laughter, through the outskirts of 'village' and into a deserted cemetery. his eyes dart around, thinking he's seeing shadows in the fog, and before he knows it, he's broken out into a run chasing after them.]

Stop this invisible nonsense! It's never cute or threatening, no matter what you or anyone else thinks!

[runs unconsciously around a couple grave markers--and through some small ones, but he doesn't know that thanks to the fog--all the while listening to the taunting jeers of the vampires' laughter around him.]

So are you going to come out, or what? Or do I have to--! [suddenly, his foot keeps on falling through the ground he'd been expecting to feel and he falls face first through holographic stone crosses and into the pool.]

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Feb. 27th, 2009 05:16 pm
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[night has fallen once again on Eos, and one man who has spent far too much time listening to voices in the dark depths of the forest has finally emerged from the tree-line. amazingly, he looks slightly more put together than he has in past days. his tie is straight, tightened snugly in place, and his shirt tails are tucked neatly into his suit. every physical detail about his normal state of dress is meticulously in order.

but if one were to shine a light on his face, they'd see that those kind, ancient eyes of his no longer shine with the same lustre. they dart about, watching the spectres in his vision encourage and beckon him out towards his shelter he'd abandoned days ago. quietly he slips in, and stuffs certain supplies he feels he needs into his pockets.

finally, he reaches for the sphere, turning it on. he gives his tie one last little adjustment, a mad grin growing on his face, and then leans in towards the device and whispers:]

I'm on to you.

[and he clicks it off soon after that, and wanders out of his shelter. he's got a busy night ahead.]

[ooc: Okay! So, the Doctor's completely off his rocker now and off to 'question' people. Like I said before, let me know in like the subject line of a comment to this if you'd like to participate in his more...intense questioning or not. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, this post has just about all the details, as well as my contact info.]


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