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Apr. 28th, 2009 11:03 pm
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[Filtered to all passengers]
[he's made it to level 23 by this point, judging from the chrome interior lining the halls. after hearing Kyon's transmission, he listens for a moment before he turns on his sphere, setting up a filter before he speaks. the captain need not be privy to this. if the number of volunteers Kyon's been talking to are any indication, a great deal of organisation is in order--especially seeing how large that engineering section is--and if he can protect them in any way, then he will. he refuses to let anyone else get hurt.

his tone is stern and business-like when he finally does begin.]

Now. I know I won't be able to dissuade some of you from coming. You lot can be quite stubborn when it comes to throwing yourselves in harm's way--but unfortunately, there's no time to waste! [and no time for him to bully people into staying in their rooms, even if it is for their own protection.] We're going to have to work together on this if we want to get home.

But if you do come, I hope you noticed the movement in the shadows in the room beyond where Ganymede disappeared into. [knows that door wasn't there before--hasn't the faintest idea how its existence has escaped his earlier inspections.] If I'm right, things could get very dangerous very fast if we don't proceed with an ounce of caution from this point on.

I'll wait here on Level 23 and once everyone who's going with me has arrived, we'll go from there. I figure with the amount of people there are on the ship and teaming up together in pairs or threes, we should be able to cover a great amount of that level in very little time. As long as there's a Sphere between one of you for emergency communication, we should be fine. However, I wouldn't recommend venturing in by yourself. The buddy system works for a reason. [wags a finger; the gesture saying that he will not be argued with on this point.]

[his face darkens, his voice low as he says this next bit:] And I'm asking you now, if any of you comes across the Captain during this, let me and the TARDIS know. I want a word with our dear Ganymede. [and you don't want to know what she has planned for the man.]

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[the sphere broadcasts what's going on very late at night, deep in the forest. chances are, everyone's asleep or lost in their own nightmares, so this little episode of his goes unnoticed.

thank goodness too. he wouldn't want anyone to see him like this, and certainly not those he cares for and care for him in turn.]

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[written on a small spiral notebook, his writing really only discernible to him and him only--and perhaps his TARDIS, and stuffed into his coat pocket.]

Quick observations:
-Still no TARDIS in sight, not even the newly opened docking bay above level 8. How I managed to miss that stairwell the first time... Also wonder how long that connection to the Enviro-dome from level 10 has been there. Curious.

-No animals about now. Made heading down to level 15 a much nicer jaunt than before!

-Captain's a nutter, plain and simple. My mind's made up on that.

-It's fascinating that the life support started failing in the passenger cabin section of the ship instead of the ones damaged from the explosions last month. Normally the broken/ruined/exploded sections are the first to go on a ship in trouble, but that isn't the case. Still not surprised though. This ship's as bad as her captain, if not worse.

-Also... Been feeling slightly worse as of late, ever since the failure of the life support on level 22 and the Captain's announcement of our impending deaths. Never mind I haven't felt right here to begin with, and that people have been pulled from different universes when that should not be happening! It can't! This ship is wrong and it bothers me to the very core. I'm afraid I won't know what is happening until it's too late...again.

[on another page:]
To do:
1) Gather food supplies that don't need to be baked, boiled, fried, etc, yes, this does involve foregoing tea eventually. Also some more blankets (as I'm sure I'll have more company eventually and the TARDIS usually does this for me...), medical supplies (only fitting after all!), and...anything else that'll come in handy.
2) Purchase a nice bag and tinker with it so it can carry more than normal capacity. Done! There's even room to spare for the kettle, if I feel so inclined to pack it away too.
C) This will require a trip to the hardware store. Good thing they won't mind my playing around in there. Obviously done.
D4) Head back to suite and pack up orange jumpsuit and helmet, along with everything else. Okay, so the helmet wasn't easy to find, but like some panel is going to stop me from finding it! Hah! However...it isn't quite going to fit with everything else I'm packing. Will have to carry it along with the bag when the time comes to vacate my suite. And that time will come eventually...
5) Spare some time to tune sonic screwdriver. Just in case. Done, sort of. Good enough for now. I'll have to give it a proper looking to once can get to my tool bench.
6) Try to get some sleep. Perhaps an hour or two at least. a quick nap. <---Will do that later.
7) [Indeterminate squiggle]
8) Try to decipher #7. Might be important.


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