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Apr. 11th, 2010 05:41 am
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He couldn't help pulling a face as plumes of fog rolled in over his feet the moment he'd opened the TARDIS door. "Well, certainly wasn't expecting that," he muttered to himself. Bit of fog never harmed anyone, and he thought it was better than water rushing in--or worse. Then again, he hadn't been expecting...well, whatever that had been to happen to the TARDIS navigational systems.

A chill ran down his spine the moment he stepped out to give the TARDIS a few moments to herself. Any amusement or puzzlement he felt disappeared, replaced with a feeling that someone had just walked over his grave. The little hairs on the back of his neck stood on end and he felt his body tense up all over. Now, he'd been in his share of dark, dank, and frankly creepy, cold places before, but this one seemed to be vying for the "Most Disquieting Place He'd Been to in the Past Month" award. Something in the air unsettled him to some degree, penetrating straight to his very bones...

But then he realised just how much of an idiot he was being--a fact he'd never, ever admit to anyone ever--and began walking down the unwelcoming corridor he'd turned up in. The moment he turned the nearest corner, he came to a stop, his eyes widening slightly.

"Ah, sorry, I should have knocked," he said casually, his eyes quickly scanning the creature before him. The hand he saw peeking out from the tattered sleeve ends left him with no desire to shake hands with it, and the brief sight he caught of the thing under the hood. Bit of a dog's breakfast, he thought. "Didn't think anyone was home." A shriek right then pierced a hole in his lie. "Well, I thought there might have been someone else at home." He paused, trying to find the eyes of the cowled creature floating menacingly towards him. "Yeah...I'll just be running now. Bye!"

And he ran--or rather he started to when he noticed his way back to the TARDIS had been blocked by another creature exactly like the other one. "Ohhh, that isn't fair!" he groaned, back-pedalling, and darted down the other end of the corridor.
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