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Jul. 17th, 2009 06:53 pm
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[when the Sphere clicks on, it shows very little, actually, with the exception of the steel supports holding up the floor above. the Doctor certainly isn't visible from the Sphere's perspective. actually, the device is quite lost and only once he speaks is it able to hone in on his echoing voice, showing nothing more than a pale figure. the light in the maintenance bay is as dim and bad as he remembers, but thankfully, he can see pretty damn well in the dark.]

Hmmm, so this is as far as I can go, huh? [smirks to himself and heads back towards the stairwell leading back up to level 11.] Heh, good to know. At least there isn't another hole like the last time. [stops randomly, stooping over to pick up a piece of metal, the bolts still attached to the ends. he frowns, wondering what happened to the machine it once was a part of. or rather where that machine or ship is now. he shrugs and continues on his way, speaking again after a few minutes.]

Anyone else have a fortuitous conversation with Orion? Mine was...[opens the door to the stairwell, light spilling out and finally showing him to be completely naked--save for a rather snazzy pair of boxer-briefs with stars printed all over the dark blue fabric.]...rather illuminating. [still smirks, unaware of his state of undress. though, that smirk fades to a more serious expression as he begins to ascend the stairs.]

Still, he didn't blink an eye when I mentioned that the fact that I knew Ganymede was his father, or that yet again, not a single one of us is on the passenger manifest. [tightens his fists and smashes one down onto the railing as the door closes behind him, a loud clang resounding throughout the whole of the stairwell.] Obviously we wouldn't be on the passenger manifest, the idiot! And I just know he'll dick us around again like he did before! When it comes to saving a life, one shouldn't hesitate! Each life is precious and the more time wastes sitting comfortably in that damned ship of his, the more of a chance there'll be that everyone will just get hurt again! But no...he can't come himself...Ganymede'll just die again.

If I have to, I'll...[falls silent.]

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Jun. 1st, 2009 06:18 pm
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[a burnt orange blur and a brown one zoom past the Sphere, the poor communications device not prepared for the additional speed of its owner. thankfully, it doesn't have to go far since the two blurs seem to have leapt down a ravine. when it finally slows, it shows the Doctor flat on his back and laughing up a storm, thanks to his new friend licking his face all over. from the looks of things, he's been there before, if the blanket, bow and quiver on the ground are anything to be judged.

he's even donned a new outfit, with stitched designs similar to this down his front, and this symbol pressed into the leather of his gauntlets and boots.]

All right, K-9, you can--hah hah--you can stop! [K-9 does and sits on top of him.] And you can get off my chest while you're at it.

"Yes, Master!"

Thanks, K-9. [jumps to his feet, wipes himself free of stray leaves, and slings the quiver and bow around his shoulders] Now, we should be near town, if my impeccable sense of direction is to be believed--and it should since I'm always in top form--so let's see if any of the villagers there have any ideas about this clue. It sounds so familiar...I'm usually so good at riddles like this.

[finally notices the Sphere's on and smiles at it.] Hey look! Everyone, meet K-9 Mark V! [squats down and hugs the dog to him.] Well, I suppose I should call him RK-9, but then he wouldn't be Mark V, now would you boy? [K-9 barks in agreement.]

[suddenly he stands, his eyes on something behind the Sphere, his grin gone.] Oi! You lot can shut it! Yes, I'm talking to--hang on, since when can I talk to squirrels, much less yell at them? And dogs? Odd, very odd...
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[his fire burns low, partially from the rain and partially because he's neglected it even though he specifically lit it to make tea. instead, he's spent a good deal of time after the mysterious message played pacing back and forth in the rain--if the mud trail he's blazed in front of his shelter is anything to be judged--but he pays it no mind and doesn't care that his sphere is recording--not that he notices. he's too busy muttering to himself.]

What'd that voice mean about the locals? The way it was said...sounded like the frog hybrids aren't the only life around here. But...if they're not, where have the real locals been this entire time? [he runs a hand through his drenched hair, clearly disturbed by this]

No, no, no, we shouldn't stay around to find out. [glances to the sky] There must be a way to signal that ship! But they mentioned a potential danger...are we that danger? We shouldn't shoot anything at it then. Not even my sonic screwdriver, even if it wasn't damaged in that fall, will help this time; can't risk scaring them off or worse.

[he pauses, looking around him. he can see a handful of smouldering fires coming up from various places around the field and wherever else his fellow passengers have set up camp. this gives him an idea]

The fires...the fires! All we have to do is burn--no, no, hang on a mo'. The question is what should we burn? Shouldn't burn that awful, awful fruit [pulls a face, remembering their taste] because some people actually like them. And burning the nuts and the other food stuffs is unwise as well, and no burning the fore--

The flowers. Ohhhh, of course, stupid Doctor, why didn't you think of that sooner? Those cheeky little flowers gave off that green pollen before! Perhaps it'll even turn the smoke green too! [he dashes out towards the field, skidding and sliding in the mud, and unceremoniously plucks a handful of flowers out of the ground before running back to his camp.]

Here goes nothing! [tosses the flowers onto the fire]

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Dec. 20th, 2008 09:59 pm
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[he sits quietly in the bridge floor, taking a break, his back against one of the least destroyed black consoles, his helmet on the floor next to him. the sphere bobs lazily in the air in front of him and shows him with the small gift he'd found waiting for him when he went back to the cabin for some of the tools he'd stored there and forgot on his dash down to the bridge. he's almost hesitant to open it, sure that nothing the ship could give him would be nice and helpful, not from the sounds of everyone else opening theirs.]

[mutters softly to himself.] It's just a gift. Something in a box this small can't possibly hurt. [shakes it a bit, not really hearing anything.] Doesn't sound like there's any kind of booby-traps or anything.

[tears off the paper and slowly opens the box. the lid obscures what's inside, but from the dismal, dark look on his face, it's not pleasant. to him, anyway.]

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Dec. 9th, 2008 08:42 pm
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[has just listened to the captain's latest announcement, and watches as the lights flicker and flash until the majority of them are out, including almost all of the ones where he stands on the observation deck. except for one near the entrance that dims occasionally, but holds onto its feeble light.]

[it's hard to see, but oddly, there's a smile on his face. as he speaks, one could possibly feel the venom in his words]

Captain Ganymede, you've just said the magic words. I won't allow you to harm anyone on this ship.

You've been warned.

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Nov. 30th, 2008 05:42 pm
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[he blinks, looking around, very bewildered with the sudden change of environment. the room didn't look a thing like the Academy!]

Ummm...where is everyone? Koschei? Hello? [notices the sphere] Anyone at all?

[and then he notices that he's wearing an over-sized pinstripe suit, with sleeves that come down to his knees and the trouser legs are pooled around trainers that are far too big for his feet. he steps out of them, dragging the trouser legs around the floor until those fall off too. he sighs, slipping the tie off around his head--really, what need does he have for it now--and uses it to secure the trousers around his waist and quickly rolls up the trouser legs until he can see his feet.]

Well. If no one from the Academy is responding then...maybe I'm not there any more... [lets that fact sink in. a grin slowly grows on his face and he suddenly starts jumping around, cheering boisterously, and completely disregarding the fact that his trouser legs are quickly coming undone.]

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Nov. 16th, 2008 03:09 am
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Attention! Attention everyone in the Enviro-dome! Don't know about you, but Oliver here [points to the young man resting just out of view of the sphere] was just attacked by...something. I tried to reason with it, but it apparently wasn't interested in any kind of discussion.

Be careful, and watch for discrepancies in the snow fall. The creature won't be too far behind.

We do have some medical supplies, but I don't know how much.

Try to distract if you can, but don't attack it! We very well could be intruding on its lands and it's just being territorial.

And all of you on the outside...keep safe and out of harm's way. Stay in your rooms if you have to.

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Nov. 5th, 2008 08:38 pm
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[the Sphere turns on, unbeknownst to him. He's just walking into his room after making a very disquieting trip to level 15. after much research and looking around--after all, a lot of those dark smudges were very suspicious looking, but even his sonic screwdriver wasn't able to discern what it was. And that disturbed him even more.

[has a blank, thoughtful face on, but throws on a smile when he realizes that the Sphere is broadcasting]

Well, looks like my favourite robotic chippy's closed up shop. And here I was, finally getting used to the oil.

Oh well! Wouldn't be the first time my favourite eat-out has closed its doors. There was this fantastic yakitori stand just outside of Tokyo. Sauce like you wouldn't believe! But, anyway, the owner crossed Oda Nobunaga the wrong way and...well, you can only guess how that one turned out...

[goes silent for a second, and wanders into the kitchen, which is still in the same state it was a couple days ago, except with far more foot prints, both bare and trainer-shaped ones, and two sets of tall piles consisting of four different kind of biscuits, and only he, and Oliver, know why they're separated like that.]

[scratches his head] Suppose I could try to make my own here... Nah. Maybe something else. Don't know what.

Don't know if I feel hungry any more...

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Oct. 17th, 2008 01:25 am
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[sounds of his footsteps, pacing furiously back and forth. he goes on like this for several minutes, a glower on his face and doesn't realize that the Sphere has turned on.]

[mutters to himself]

He knows where she is!

Level nine, level nine...and my screwdriver won't get me there...

Then again, she might not even be on that level. He could be lying.

And level nine is awfully big, but so far, there don't seem to be many other passengers with space crafts, so she could be sitting out in the middle of an empty docking area.

[falls silent for a long moment, still pacing, still angry, with his arms folded over his chest]


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