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Apr. 10th, 2009 10:28 pm
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[casually he walks through the transformed level 15, evoking memories of his visits to medieval Romania and other villages just like the one he walks through now. he half expects to look up and see a castle silhouette in front of a full moon, clouds hiding the uppermost spires of the castle towers, but alas there is no such thing. instead, a heavy fog rolls in between the spaces of the dilapidated houses so thick he can't see below his waist after a moment. he makes a face at it, shrugs, and continues on.

soon, he's wandering out of the disquietingly empty 'village'. his hearts begin to race in anticipation; he's yet to see any vampires, and if he's going to, now's the time with him venturing out alone. he just wants to test how far the holograms go, what their limitations are. but they still don't appear.]

Oh come on, I know you're there! [tries to not sound annoyed.] Let's see what you're made--

[he cuts himself off, hearing soft laughter in his ear, the laughter so close it feels like it's coming from right behind him, but upon whirling around, he sees nothing but more fog. narrowing his eyes, he steps in the direction he heard the laughter come from.

a second later he hears it again, stronger this time. and again, the voice deeper, more malicious and menacing. a frown crosses his features and he continues to follow the laughter, through the outskirts of 'village' and into a deserted cemetery. his eyes dart around, thinking he's seeing shadows in the fog, and before he knows it, he's broken out into a run chasing after them.]

Stop this invisible nonsense! It's never cute or threatening, no matter what you or anyone else thinks!

[runs unconsciously around a couple grave markers--and through some small ones, but he doesn't know that thanks to the fog--all the while listening to the taunting jeers of the vampires' laughter around him.]

So are you going to come out, or what? Or do I have to--! [suddenly, his foot keeps on falling through the ground he'd been expecting to feel and he falls face first through holographic stone crosses and into the pool.]
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[by his count, it had been far longer than a day since Oliver disappeared inside that old suite of his. others had gone since then too, and he's certain that they will not be back either. he can't help feeling terribly angry at the Commander for luring his friends and acquaintances into the death trap the Crucible has become--and it really has become one, he thinks, what with the debris, collapsing floors, and the additions of smaller black holes matching the ones dotting planet Eos' surface.

however, he squashes that hurt and anger and tucks it away to be dealt with later. figures he might as well try his hand at finding the Commander himself, continue the task the others had foolishly started. after all, once he finds the Commander, he can grill the man for all the information he's been wanting for months and if he has to... well, he hopes the man is still alive or else he's merely wasting valuable time he could be using to tinker more with the escape ship. and save at least a handful of people before it's too late.]

[after wandering the halls on all three former habitation levels, he finds himself back on level 20. his sphere turns on while he stands staring at a spot in the wall between two suites and mumbling to himself.]

--o, no, no, the naming scheme doesn't make sense... The first ones were named after Jupiter's moons and after... No. There should be another one right here. A man like Ganymede should have been more than pleased to have a suite named after himself and yet none exists. It's like the thirteenth floor in a high rise!

[his eyes glance over to the Europa suite, and judging from the slash marks and debris, someone's already been inside. so he turns his attentions to the crumpled door of the Callisto Suite in hopes of seeing anything that might prove the Commander's presence, but finds none.]

I've only got one chance at this... Out of all the rooms, what're the chances Orion's in here? [he begins to smirk] Only one way to find out!

[pushes his way into the suite, the door creaking loudly on ruined hinges. he resists calling out 'Marco', doubting that he'd hear 'Polo' in response and that the game has lasted so far into the future. Or worse, that Orion knew nothing about Marco Polo, or the little game named after him, and the man wouldn't answer because 'Marco' isn't his name.]

Hello? Commander Orion, are you in here?

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Nov. 5th, 2008 08:38 pm
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[the Sphere turns on, unbeknownst to him. He's just walking into his room after making a very disquieting trip to level 15. after much research and looking around--after all, a lot of those dark smudges were very suspicious looking, but even his sonic screwdriver wasn't able to discern what it was. And that disturbed him even more.

[has a blank, thoughtful face on, but throws on a smile when he realizes that the Sphere is broadcasting]

Well, looks like my favourite robotic chippy's closed up shop. And here I was, finally getting used to the oil.

Oh well! Wouldn't be the first time my favourite eat-out has closed its doors. There was this fantastic yakitori stand just outside of Tokyo. Sauce like you wouldn't believe! But, anyway, the owner crossed Oda Nobunaga the wrong way and...well, you can only guess how that one turned out...

[goes silent for a second, and wanders into the kitchen, which is still in the same state it was a couple days ago, except with far more foot prints, both bare and trainer-shaped ones, and two sets of tall piles consisting of four different kind of biscuits, and only he, and Oliver, know why they're separated like that.]

[scratches his head] Suppose I could try to make my own here... Nah. Maybe something else. Don't know what.

Don't know if I feel hungry any more...


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