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Sep. 11th, 2009 10:13 pm
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[a frustrated sigh is the first thing to broadcast over the Sphere, followed by the appearance of a tall, skinny woman with long, dark hair who appears to be wearing a suit exactly like the Doctor's brown pinstripe suit. unfortunately, the Sphere's only showing her from behind and there really isn't much to see as she doesn't have much of a figure. she doesn't seem to notice that her trousers are a little tight around her hips--the only thing, really, that is snug--but otherwise, they're cut to length. the only things that are ill-fitting are the suit-coat, which is too baggy around her shoulders, and the button-up shirt and other ones layered underneath.]

[grumbling under her breath, she runs an impatient hand through her hair.] Damn glasses, they used to stay on my face...

[finally, the Sphere swings around to show her fast at work in the security station, her expression severe and focused completely on the task at hand. until she suddenly smacks a hand on the desk and slumps into a chair there. she tears the glasses from her face and tucks them away into an inside pocket of her suit.]

Blimey, what the hell did he do?! I've tried everything and I still can't figure it out. There has to be something I'm missing...

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Sep. 6th, 2009 11:29 pm
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[if he had any doubts about punishing Ganymede in the past, they're gone now. absolutely gone. no words can effectively describe how downright furious and upset he is to have seen all those people perish in a blink of an eye.]

Ganymede...you had no right to use, to murder all those people! Ohhh, I knew you were mad, but to go this far?!

[but before he has a chance to fully continue, the words of Orion's own furious transmission reaches his ears and he watches in horror as the man disappears.]

No! Damn it, Orion, no! You can't kill him! I told you not to, you stupid, stupid boy!

[angrily, he runs a hand through his hair, completely oblivious to the fact that bits of snow are falling onto his shoulders and Christmas carols can be heard. finally, after a moment of stewing, he rounds on the Sphere and growls:] Riku, I thought I told you to keep a close eye on him. Why didn't you go with him? This is precisely why I told you watch him so he didn't go do something completely idiotic like this!

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Aug. 13th, 2009 07:14 pm
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[the faint whirring sound of the sonic screwdriver can be heard the moment the Sphere comes on, and from the look of utter concentration and determination on the Doctor's face, it's a sure sign he's been at this for a while. he's still in his tuxedo, though the suit coat and bowtie lie discarded on the ground some feet away, torn off within moments of his removal from the restaurant.]

All right, listen you lot. I don't know about you, but I'm not going to stay locked in my room forever. So if you want out, let me know, I'm on my way, but I'm not sure if your doors will lock right back up behind you or not, so I'd be prepared for that inevitability. I won't always be able to run and let you in and out of your room--especially if you have to use the loo; I'm not going to play chaperone.

[a pause] Well, fine, I could do with a bit of a run, limber up the old bones, so I'll do it in rounds, but if anybody else can get out, do and let the others know you're available to help.

And Ollie and Donna? I've just about got it, so I'm giving you ten minutes to pack--less for you, Ollie, I'm sorry--but you two are staying with me and the TARDIS and don't even think about giving me any guff. Got it? [wags a finger at the Sphere before he releases it and returns to his work.]

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Jul. 24th, 2009 10:26 pm
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[the Doctor in a certain ginger's body is a bit winded after the climb down to the ninth level. the activity certainly is far easier in his own body, but in Donna's, there are a couple...obstacles that make things difficult to accomplish simply because he isn't used to them being there in the slightest.

well, in any case, the less he thinks about Donna's body, the better off he'll be, especially in her eyes. he feels awkward enough rooting through her wardrobe for clothes. he's never done anything like that to his companions' property--at least not until he came on-board
the Crucible, that is--but if needs must, and if there's a source of clothing for him to put on, you can bet he's going to use it. although, his clothing choices don't exactly match. clearly, he had far too many options to choose from.]

Well... [props his hands on his hips briefly before promptly shoving them into his pockets--yes, he was sure to put on trousers with pockets.] This place seems about the same. Same ol' hole--though thankfully we didn't have the explosion to go along with it. And... [he removes a pair of snazzy specs (or so the Doctor thinks, especially for a woman), puts them on, and squats down to examine a piece of debris on the ground.] Yep. Even the same old debris. Well, sort of. I'd be highly surprised if this was the exact state it was in when the hole first appeared.

I wonder if that journal's still here...

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Jul. 17th, 2009 06:53 pm
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[when the Sphere clicks on, it shows very little, actually, with the exception of the steel supports holding up the floor above. the Doctor certainly isn't visible from the Sphere's perspective. actually, the device is quite lost and only once he speaks is it able to hone in on his echoing voice, showing nothing more than a pale figure. the light in the maintenance bay is as dim and bad as he remembers, but thankfully, he can see pretty damn well in the dark.]

Hmmm, so this is as far as I can go, huh? [smirks to himself and heads back towards the stairwell leading back up to level 11.] Heh, good to know. At least there isn't another hole like the last time. [stops randomly, stooping over to pick up a piece of metal, the bolts still attached to the ends. he frowns, wondering what happened to the machine it once was a part of. or rather where that machine or ship is now. he shrugs and continues on his way, speaking again after a few minutes.]

Anyone else have a fortuitous conversation with Orion? Mine was...[opens the door to the stairwell, light spilling out and finally showing him to be completely naked--save for a rather snazzy pair of boxer-briefs with stars printed all over the dark blue fabric.]...rather illuminating. [still smirks, unaware of his state of undress. though, that smirk fades to a more serious expression as he begins to ascend the stairs.]

Still, he didn't blink an eye when I mentioned that the fact that I knew Ganymede was his father, or that yet again, not a single one of us is on the passenger manifest. [tightens his fists and smashes one down onto the railing as the door closes behind him, a loud clang resounding throughout the whole of the stairwell.] Obviously we wouldn't be on the passenger manifest, the idiot! And I just know he'll dick us around again like he did before! When it comes to saving a life, one shouldn't hesitate! Each life is precious and the more time wastes sitting comfortably in that damned ship of his, the more of a chance there'll be that everyone will just get hurt again! But no...he can't come himself...Ganymede'll just die again.

If I have to, I'll...[falls silent.]

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Jul. 15th, 2009 05:56 pm
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[It's not often one gets to tolerate the presence on one's past self. For a Time Lord, the chances of running into one's self in a past, present, or future incarnation increases the longer one has lived. The universe is only so big, after all. While he's met himself on a handful of occasions, this time, however, is vastly different from the rest. For one, the universe hasn't been thrown into peril by their meeting.

And two, it's only their voices he hears. Thankfully, he hasn't had to converse with them, or else his mood might be considerably different than the present one he's in. Besides, he's sure a good number of them would be insulting his choice of dress or how he's styled his hair--some were particular about such things--and he'll maintain that this current style is his favourite, and therefore the best, unlike some who think the best thing to pin to his coat is a decorative vegetable or cat badge. He's glad to have grown out of that question mark phase, and had he come face to face with those who were stuck in it, he would have had words for them.]

Let the memory live again )

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Jun. 22nd, 2009 03:11 pm
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[He almost doesn't give in to sleep, figuring he can put it off a while longer, but the past few days have been mentally draining for him. Battling one's own inner demons and fears can do that to you, especially if you've been avoiding them for hundreds of years. After seeing others nod off without a incident--and after turning over what he saw in the broadcast in his mind, compiling all that with what he's seen and heard so far about the Captain and Commander--he finally decides that perhaps he'll close his eyes for a short kip. Nothing too long; just enough to renew some of his mental energies.

When he awakes, however, he expects to see the expanse of the library, shelves lined with holobooks and the like, but instead finds himself looking on a sight he hasn't seen in nine months.]

Now I'm finally where I belong )

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Jun. 18th, 2009 04:21 pm
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[Well, this is a little different than he expects. There's the Doctor waking up in a very normal cubicle, in a very normal office building, and next to a stack of very boring and normal papers--order forms, VATs, etcetera--what's that? Oh yes, those are bills. Plain, old, ordinary bills. He's even wearing a grey suit that's cut a little looser than his normal ones.

He picks some of them up, flipping through and seeing names of companies he doesn't recognise, but they're all for ordinary utilities and the like--things he doesn't have to pay for in the TARDIS. Swivelling in his black office chair now, he looks around his very plain, grey cubicle. There's nothing on the walls, not even a photograph or calendar, only a placard with the name "John Smith" pressed into the plastic in white lettering.]

How disappointing. I thought I was far more creative than that! Not even a single--

[Suddenly, the phone rings, interrupting that train of thought. Eyeing it, he picks it up cautiously and presses the receiver to his ear, but before he can even open his mouth, the person on the other line begins to speak, making his eyes widen in shock.]

'Will you walk in to my parlour,' said the Spider to the Fly... )

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Jun. 7th, 2009 09:44 pm
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[he's definitely reaping the consequences of his wrong guess, having burnt his hand so bad he can't feel the wound except anywhere in the edges around it. thankfully, the TARDIS has bound his hand with strips from her dress so he doesn't have to see or smell the ugly wound.

and he doesn't show it, but losing K-9 hurt. he knew he would eventually, such is the nature of his existence and the ship doesn't hesitate to reinforce this with every new turn. the dog's a permanent fixture now in the forest, guarding over the wooden bow he left behind. it just isn't the same.]

I don't know how many of you tried to guess that riddle, and I don't dare to wonder what could've happened if someone tried more than once, but if you haven't already, treat your wounds. [surely, he'd be in a lot more pain if he hadn't compartmentalised that pain. he can't afford to let that get in his way right now.] Not having the barcode any longer means we can't even ask that robotic doctor to treat us--and I'm sure there are some who are glad about that. [Oliver.] Find someone who can get the medical supplies for you, especially if there's any blistering or charring of the skin. I doubt anything that can sear the barcodes from our hands will leave behind a minor burn. If the wound is on more than just your hand, treat it immediately and keep yourselves hydrated. Or your condition could worsen and we can't afford to have anyone waylaid by this, not when we're facing that black hole again.

Those of you who didn't try the riddle, please, if you can help the others get supplies, get into their rooms, hell, anything that requires the use of the barcodes, please do. Be their...their barcode buddies! One good turn and all, you know?

Coordinate with each other, get yourself treated.

And then we can see about investigating level three. [and finding Orion.] That is, if level three's even accessible again at this point. [ever the realist, he doubts it is.]

Meet at the entrance to level 24. That should be the best place for everyone to meet. [but as for what he and the TARDIS plan to do, well...]

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Jun. 1st, 2009 06:18 pm
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[a burnt orange blur and a brown one zoom past the Sphere, the poor communications device not prepared for the additional speed of its owner. thankfully, it doesn't have to go far since the two blurs seem to have leapt down a ravine. when it finally slows, it shows the Doctor flat on his back and laughing up a storm, thanks to his new friend licking his face all over. from the looks of things, he's been there before, if the blanket, bow and quiver on the ground are anything to be judged.

he's even donned a new outfit, with stitched designs similar to this down his front, and this symbol pressed into the leather of his gauntlets and boots.]

All right, K-9, you can--hah hah--you can stop! [K-9 does and sits on top of him.] And you can get off my chest while you're at it.

"Yes, Master!"

Thanks, K-9. [jumps to his feet, wipes himself free of stray leaves, and slings the quiver and bow around his shoulders] Now, we should be near town, if my impeccable sense of direction is to be believed--and it should since I'm always in top form--so let's see if any of the villagers there have any ideas about this clue. It sounds so familiar...I'm usually so good at riddles like this.

[finally notices the Sphere's on and smiles at it.] Hey look! Everyone, meet K-9 Mark V! [squats down and hugs the dog to him.] Well, I suppose I should call him RK-9, but then he wouldn't be Mark V, now would you boy? [K-9 barks in agreement.]

[suddenly he stands, his eyes on something behind the Sphere, his grin gone.] Oi! You lot can shut it! Yes, I'm talking to--hang on, since when can I talk to squirrels, much less yell at them? And dogs? Odd, very odd...

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May. 27th, 2009 04:34 pm
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[in truth, he feels rather at home in this red forest, not so much because of the colour of the leaves--no, his were silver--but because the red itself reminds him of the sky just after the last sun had set. it's while he's lost in this reverie, his rudimentary tracking device stuffed into his pocket and beeping dully, that the Sphere turns on--at the precise moment his foot catches on something buried beneath the leaves and he nearly falls face first in the dirt.]

[thankfully, he manages to catch himself on this statue.]

Hello there! Thanks for the hand! [grins cheekily at it, then his eyes widen] Blimey, you're one of those statues Ollie showed me, hmm? I wonder... [suddenly, he leans in and licks her hand. he smacks his lips, making a slight face as he thinks.]

Hmmm, cellulose, lignin, touch of hemicellulose...[trails off, mentally analysing the different chemical properties of the statue.] Can't quite place the genus or species, but it's organic and definitely wood! Well, I don't have to tell you that. [pats the statue on the arm]

Now. [turns around and stoops over, brushing leaves off of--] A bow?! What's a bow doing lying right here? And a bow not even properly strung, no less! [picks it up, looking at it curiously.] Well, I'll have to solve that problem, now won't I?
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[it's not the slight change in the cut of his suit, the change from cotton blend to wool gabardine, nor how his suit is now a black and white double breasted pinstripe with thin filaments of gold running through every stripe that draws the Doctor's attention. no, it's the dove grey fedora set at a jaunty angle upon his slicked back, oiled hair and the shiny wingtip shoes now covering his feet. he has to admit the hat amuses him the most; how long has it been since he's worn a hat of any kind, or has bothered to blend in at all?]

[walking along a busy Chicago street, the Doctor tips his hat in greeting to all passers-by, but doing so earns him several responses. some gibber nervous replies, clutching whatever they've got with them to their chests. others run up to him to shake his hand--passing off a money to him in doing so--or hand him flowers, or fresh fruit from their shops. he's just finishing up a particularly tasty apple when someone runs into him, but before he can even apologise, the young man's eyes go wider than dinner plates and he bolts in the opposite direction. this wouldn't bother him so much if it isn't for what the young man's shouting:]

The Doc's back! The Doc's back!

[not really sure what he thinks about that--he's fairly certain he didn't do anything to warrant such a reaction the last time he visited Chicago--he looks at the Sphere, an almost hurt expression on his puzzled face.]

Has anyone else encountered this? Free gifts and cries of bloody murder? I haven't even given them my name and yet they fear my face... [mumbles under his breath] I don't think I've even visited Chicago in this regenerative cycle...

[suddenly, a group of men yank and push him down an alley and through a side door to a nearby theatre (which is actually the Goodman Theatre, but he doesn't know that yet.)] Oi! What're you--?!

And then things take a turn for the weird )

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Apr. 28th, 2009 11:03 pm
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[Private thoughts, off the network] )

[Filtered to all passengers]
[he's made it to level 23 by this point, judging from the chrome interior lining the halls. after hearing Kyon's transmission, he listens for a moment before he turns on his sphere, setting up a filter before he speaks. the captain need not be privy to this. if the number of volunteers Kyon's been talking to are any indication, a great deal of organisation is in order--especially seeing how large that engineering section is--and if he can protect them in any way, then he will. he refuses to let anyone else get hurt.

his tone is stern and business-like when he finally does begin.]

Now. I know I won't be able to dissuade some of you from coming. You lot can be quite stubborn when it comes to throwing yourselves in harm's way--but unfortunately, there's no time to waste! [and no time for him to bully people into staying in their rooms, even if it is for their own protection.] We're going to have to work together on this if we want to get home.

But if you do come, I hope you noticed the movement in the shadows in the room beyond where Ganymede disappeared into. [knows that door wasn't there before--hasn't the faintest idea how its existence has escaped his earlier inspections.] If I'm right, things could get very dangerous very fast if we don't proceed with an ounce of caution from this point on.

I'll wait here on Level 23 and once everyone who's going with me has arrived, we'll go from there. I figure with the amount of people there are on the ship and teaming up together in pairs or threes, we should be able to cover a great amount of that level in very little time. As long as there's a Sphere between one of you for emergency communication, we should be fine. However, I wouldn't recommend venturing in by yourself. The buddy system works for a reason. [wags a finger; the gesture saying that he will not be argued with on this point.]

[his face darkens, his voice low as he says this next bit:] And I'm asking you now, if any of you comes across the Captain during this, let me and the TARDIS know. I want a word with our dear Ganymede. [and you don't want to know what she has planned for the man.]

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Mar. 12th, 2009 05:28 pm
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[twenty-four hours has passed, the proverbial timer in the universe goes off, and much in the way that riku appeared, so does he, but mere feet away from the hole he jumped in the previous day. his clothes are even worse for the wear than when he first went in, small tears and cuts all over his beloved coat and suit.]

[but he's alive and starts to cough, his face tight as all at once pain shoots through every cell in his body. again his voice is strained, but he sounds happy despite it all.]

Fun ride. Don't think I'll be repeating that one again. [he tries to sit up, but immediately collapses right back on the ground and begins to laugh slightly, ignoring the pain. then suddenly stops.]

Hang on...same voice, [tentatively feels his face] same nose, sideburns, hair, mole between shoulder blades--Oh! And both hands! I like that! Glad that worked out!

[whispers to himself] But...I thought I'd died... I felt it! And yet I didn't regenerate... [his eyebrows furrow] How odd.

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Mar. 11th, 2009 05:28 pm
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[his face is ghostly pale, and a thin sweat has broken out across his forehead, dirt and grime sticking to his skin. he's clutching something off-screen, but from the grimace twisting his features and the mud covering his front, one can only venture a guess as to what transpired. his voice sounds strained when he finally speaks.]

It's been over twenty-four hours... As much as I completely appreciate the irony of losing the other one--made it even! Can't say that happens often!--I want it back. [mumbles to himself] Riku came back after that time, and I foolishly hoped...

No, the only answer is what lies beyond these holes. Jack's fingers and everyone else's bits and bobs, there's a reason why they're being severed--and yet Riku came back whole. Why is that? What's the nature of these holes? Not even my sonic screwdriver can analyse it, not that it's in top working order anyway.

[suddenly he stops and the sphere shows for a brief second a very muddy path with a heavy blood trail leading away from a black hole, as well as Converse-shaped footprints leading to and away from the scene, though the ones leading towards it are elongated, like he'd slipped...]

[he's aware of the sphere now and smiles at it, his feet bringing him to the edge of the hole.]
I didn't mean for any of you to see this, but there's something I need to check and I couldn't risk any of you trying to stop me and getting hurt in the process.

But! If this goes how I think it should, I'll be a complete man again. [holds up his left arm, the end of his brown coat sleeve folded over and darkened with dried blood.] In any case, the best way I'm going to find out what's in there is if I go in myself. And yes Jack, I realise I'm being a hypocrite here, yell at me all you want later.

So, hopefully see you all in a day! If not, well, we'll try not to think that way. [he hesitates for a brief second.] But if I really don't return... Thank you. Thank you all so much. You've been brilliant. [he grins sadly, winks, and suddenly jumps into the hole, disappearing completely.]

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Feb. 24th, 2009 05:40 pm
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[anxiously, he paces back and forth somewhere very deep in the forest, his movement somewhat twitchy, like even his own body can't decide what state of mood it's in. if anyone had happened upon him the day before, they would've met a far different man than the one shown on the sphere now. that man had been meditating in his shelter, tuning out the world as best as his abilities would allow him to, though a few voices managed to disturb this relaxed state of mind, and since then, he hasn't been able to concentrate at all.]

He's going slightly mad. )

Go away...

[something out of the corner of his eye moves, darting behind a tree. and then another, and another and more still, all the shapes different from the next and so very familiar to him. he clenches his hands into fists, blunt nails digging into his palms as he feels his anger rising. in a low, dangerous voice, he growls:]

Ohhhh, you've chosen the wrong man to fool around with. Go away, all of you! You're dead and gone and I've done my mourning for you!

[he finally notices the sphere and his features flicker between surprise and complete vexation, before settling on a forced neutral expression]

Don't...give in to all of this. [there's a hint of desperation in his voice now as he rubs his temples.] All of you have to fight it. You can't give in!

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Dec. 23rd, 2008 12:16 am
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[the sphere, now shaped like a sun the size of a small basketball, turns on.]

[he's very confused. very, very confused and wondering why he's back in his bedroom. he rubs his head and it registers a moment later that he remembered wearing a helmet moments before and stops what he's doing. he remembers screaming and yelling at...something, so
urgently, and remembers smashing his hands and those strange words just before...]

What...? How'd I get back here from the bridge? [he frowns and furrows his eyebrows] I thought that captain had been... [trails off when he notices something new. his eyes light up, a grin quickly spreading across his face.]

Oh hello! [ducks out of sight of his Sphere's line of sight--he's hugging his greatest and oldest friend] When did you get here?

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Nov. 30th, 2008 05:42 pm
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[he blinks, looking around, very bewildered with the sudden change of environment. the room didn't look a thing like the Academy!]

Ummm...where is everyone? Koschei? Hello? [notices the sphere] Anyone at all?

[and then he notices that he's wearing an over-sized pinstripe suit, with sleeves that come down to his knees and the trouser legs are pooled around trainers that are far too big for his feet. he steps out of them, dragging the trouser legs around the floor until those fall off too. he sighs, slipping the tie off around his head--really, what need does he have for it now--and uses it to secure the trousers around his waist and quickly rolls up the trouser legs until he can see his feet.]

Well. If no one from the Academy is responding then...maybe I'm not there any more... [lets that fact sink in. a grin slowly grows on his face and he suddenly starts jumping around, cheering boisterously, and completely disregarding the fact that his trouser legs are quickly coming undone.]

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Oct. 17th, 2008 01:25 am
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[sounds of his footsteps, pacing furiously back and forth. he goes on like this for several minutes, a glower on his face and doesn't realize that the Sphere has turned on.]

[mutters to himself]

He knows where she is!

Level nine, level nine...and my screwdriver won't get me there...

Then again, she might not even be on that level. He could be lying.

And level nine is awfully big, but so far, there don't seem to be many other passengers with space crafts, so she could be sitting out in the middle of an empty docking area.

[falls silent for a long moment, still pacing, still angry, with his arms folded over his chest]


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