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[after taking some time out to think and sift through his memories of the ship--and of course fixing himself a cuppa to help fire up those synapses--he finally leaves his room and makes his way down to Level 11. he had heard Ryuuko's transmission from there earlier, but something about the level itself still bothers him. once there, he turns away from the brig section of the level and heads toward where the entrance to the secondary maintenance bay should be--but its doors have never opened.]

Ganymede once mentioned there being another maintenance bay on this level, but we were forbidden to go into it. The library was like that once as well, but that eventually opened--but the bay never did. [mutters] Damn thing's deadlock sealed...

If you can, Orion, come down here, I think I--[his device goes off, sounding loudly from his coat pocket. his tone lightens]--well, I think I might have something. Do you need help getting down? [smiles mischievously] You sure you don't want that wheelchair?
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[after making sure anybody who' going to search has a device and is trained to use it, the Doctor finally sets off for the Enviro-dome! once there, he tries to remember where certain things were: the cabin in the middle of the forest, the lift from Level Ten, even the shoddy representation of Ancient Egypt.

for a while he walks, holding out his device until he reaches an approximate spot where the lift would have been--and the device goes off. it blares out obnoxiously because obviously all devices of a detecting sort
should, at least to him.]

Ah ha...I think I have something here! [holds out his device and briskly walks around the area, the noise occasionally sounding off.] Yeeep, definitely have something. Odd place for it though.


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