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[his fire burns low, partially from the rain and partially because he's neglected it even though he specifically lit it to make tea. instead, he's spent a good deal of time after the mysterious message played pacing back and forth in the rain--if the mud trail he's blazed in front of his shelter is anything to be judged--but he pays it no mind and doesn't care that his sphere is recording--not that he notices. he's too busy muttering to himself.]

What'd that voice mean about the locals? The way it was said...sounded like the frog hybrids aren't the only life around here. But...if they're not, where have the real locals been this entire time? [he runs a hand through his drenched hair, clearly disturbed by this]

No, no, no, we shouldn't stay around to find out. [glances to the sky] There must be a way to signal that ship! But they mentioned a potential danger...are we that danger? We shouldn't shoot anything at it then. Not even my sonic screwdriver, even if it wasn't damaged in that fall, will help this time; can't risk scaring them off or worse.

[he pauses, looking around him. he can see a handful of smouldering fires coming up from various places around the field and wherever else his fellow passengers have set up camp. this gives him an idea]

The fires...the fires! All we have to do is burn--no, no, hang on a mo'. The question is what should we burn? Shouldn't burn that awful, awful fruit [pulls a face, remembering their taste] because some people actually like them. And burning the nuts and the other food stuffs is unwise as well, and no burning the fore--

The flowers. Ohhhh, of course, stupid Doctor, why didn't you think of that sooner? Those cheeky little flowers gave off that green pollen before! Perhaps it'll even turn the smoke green too! [he dashes out towards the field, skidding and sliding in the mud, and unceremoniously plucks a handful of flowers out of the ground before running back to his camp.]

Here goes nothing! [tosses the flowers onto the fire]

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Jan. 27th, 2009 12:39 pm
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[his mischievous little sun-like sphere has switched on again, showing him sitting comfortably up in a tree bordering the vast field of blooming flowers. he's left his brown coat and suit jacket down on the ground, carelessly discarded, and anyone who happens to come by will see his tan trainers with socks sticking out of them lying haphazardly at the tree's base. one leg draped lazily over the side of the branch, his naked toes wiggling occasionally in the air. he's not really paying attention to much other than the delicate, glass-like butterflies resting on his fingers and fluttering all around him.]

[he feels very Huck Finn--or Tom Sawyer, he always confused the two--with not a care in the world. the content, peaceful look on his face tells the same story.]

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Nov. 30th, 2008 05:42 pm
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[he blinks, looking around, very bewildered with the sudden change of environment. the room didn't look a thing like the Academy!]

Ummm...where is everyone? Koschei? Hello? [notices the sphere] Anyone at all?

[and then he notices that he's wearing an over-sized pinstripe suit, with sleeves that come down to his knees and the trouser legs are pooled around trainers that are far too big for his feet. he steps out of them, dragging the trouser legs around the floor until those fall off too. he sighs, slipping the tie off around his head--really, what need does he have for it now--and uses it to secure the trousers around his waist and quickly rolls up the trouser legs until he can see his feet.]

Well. If no one from the Academy is responding then...maybe I'm not there any more... [lets that fact sink in. a grin slowly grows on his face and he suddenly starts jumping around, cheering boisterously, and completely disregarding the fact that his trouser legs are quickly coming undone.]

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Nov. 7th, 2008 05:16 pm
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[stands in the kitchen, which is noticeably cleaner, not exactly perfect; it still has flour particles in some of the cracks between some of the shelves, and one pile of cookies has noticeably grown shorter since a couple days ago.]

So, I've noticed that--well, apart from there being several more passengers than I last checked--many of you are left without a place to eat. After doing some thinking, I've decided to open up my kitchen to those who need it. I don't need much as it is, so as long as you clean up when you're done, my kitchen is your kitchen.

Just, you know, inform me of when you're coming over. Even if it's a knock, it's good to know. [has had many people come into his home uninvited in the past and nowadays likes to know when they're there.]


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