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[after messaging Oliver to meet him in the Enviro-dome post haste, he and his friend walk through the tail end of a rather noisy marketplace. he's not sure about Oliver, but he's actually being buffeted around, the smells from the stalls assaulting his nose. if he wasn't in such a hurry, he'd actually stop and use some of that money they'd procured on the way in to buy a kabob or two.]

You know Ollie, nothing about this place is actually right! The marketplace shouldn't be here; it should be to the south! And here we are coming in from the west! It's like everything's been rotated right aroun--ohhh, now that shouldn't be here for at least another two hundred and thirty-seven years! [points at a particularly large statue of Rameses II.]

And that! [pauses for a second, an eyebrow arching on his face as he looks at another statue.] Well, I'm not exactly certain why Akhenaten--try to say that five times fast--has a statue here at all. The capitol city was moved when he began his reign.

[continues right on, not letting poor Oliver get a word in edgewise.] Never mind that now! Let's see that library should be--Ah! There it is! [begins to run towards it, not caring ]

Now, d'you remember what I was saying earlier? About my old friend, the grammarian who lived in Egypt? Well, he actually lived in Thebes. Wonderful little chap, taught all over the place. Had to help him out when the Library of Alexandria showed up four hundred years after it supposedly burned down. Wouldn't leave and I had to knock him out and make it all seem like the library's appearance was nothing more than heat exhaustion. [doesn't say who was actually behind it, though]

However, I mention him now because--[stops and stands in front of the library, a grin on his face.]--the man's name was Orion of Thebes.

[turns to Ollie and nods with his head towards the entrance] Allons-y!


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