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[ooc: back dating a bit to soon after this

[in a sing-song voice] Oliveeeer! [grins broadly] Bet you can't guess where I am right now!

I'll give you two clues! One, I'm not in the kitchen. And two...[searches around for an example]...oh, I can see my name on something! But I won't tell you what that is because I already gave your hints.

[has an ever so slight moment of guilt] I know you said not to run out because of the animals, but...

[takes off down the hall, running as fast as he can]

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Dec. 2nd, 2008 07:31 pm
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[clicks on the sphere and jumps back away from it, smiling proudly.] Just so everyone knows, hamburgers and chips are the greatest thing ever invented! All of you should try it!

That's all I've got to say. [thinks about it for a second to be doubly sure] Yep. Bye! [waves and turns off the sphere]

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Nov. 30th, 2008 05:42 pm
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[he blinks, looking around, very bewildered with the sudden change of environment. the room didn't look a thing like the Academy!]

Ummm...where is everyone? Koschei? Hello? [notices the sphere] Anyone at all?

[and then he notices that he's wearing an over-sized pinstripe suit, with sleeves that come down to his knees and the trouser legs are pooled around trainers that are far too big for his feet. he steps out of them, dragging the trouser legs around the floor until those fall off too. he sighs, slipping the tie off around his head--really, what need does he have for it now--and uses it to secure the trousers around his waist and quickly rolls up the trouser legs until he can see his feet.]

Well. If no one from the Academy is responding then...maybe I'm not there any more... [lets that fact sink in. a grin slowly grows on his face and he suddenly starts jumping around, cheering boisterously, and completely disregarding the fact that his trouser legs are quickly coming undone.]


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