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Jun. 22nd, 2009 03:11 pm
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[He almost doesn't give in to sleep, figuring he can put it off a while longer, but the past few days have been mentally draining for him. Battling one's own inner demons and fears can do that to you, especially if you've been avoiding them for hundreds of years. After seeing others nod off without a incident--and after turning over what he saw in the broadcast in his mind, compiling all that with what he's seen and heard so far about the Captain and Commander--he finally decides that perhaps he'll close his eyes for a short kip. Nothing too long; just enough to renew some of his mental energies.

When he awakes, however, he expects to see the expanse of the library, shelves lined with holobooks and the like, but instead finds himself looking on a sight he hasn't seen in nine months.]

Now I'm finally where I belong )

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Jun. 18th, 2009 04:21 pm
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[Well, this is a little different than he expects. There's the Doctor waking up in a very normal cubicle, in a very normal office building, and next to a stack of very boring and normal papers--order forms, VATs, etcetera--what's that? Oh yes, those are bills. Plain, old, ordinary bills. He's even wearing a grey suit that's cut a little looser than his normal ones.

He picks some of them up, flipping through and seeing names of companies he doesn't recognise, but they're all for ordinary utilities and the like--things he doesn't have to pay for in the TARDIS. Swivelling in his black office chair now, he looks around his very plain, grey cubicle. There's nothing on the walls, not even a photograph or calendar, only a placard with the name "John Smith" pressed into the plastic in white lettering.]

How disappointing. I thought I was far more creative than that! Not even a single--

[Suddenly, the phone rings, interrupting that train of thought. Eyeing it, he picks it up cautiously and presses the receiver to his ear, but before he can even open his mouth, the person on the other line begins to speak, making his eyes widen in shock.]

'Will you walk in to my parlour,' said the Spider to the Fly... )

[ooc: Um, I'm so, so sorry for the tl;dr. I don't blame you if you don't read it all... Just skip to the end for the fun bits? >.>;]
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[by his count, it had been far longer than a day since Oliver disappeared inside that old suite of his. others had gone since then too, and he's certain that they will not be back either. he can't help feeling terribly angry at the Commander for luring his friends and acquaintances into the death trap the Crucible has become--and it really has become one, he thinks, what with the debris, collapsing floors, and the additions of smaller black holes matching the ones dotting planet Eos' surface.

however, he squashes that hurt and anger and tucks it away to be dealt with later. figures he might as well try his hand at finding the Commander himself, continue the task the others had foolishly started. after all, once he finds the Commander, he can grill the man for all the information he's been wanting for months and if he has to... well, he hopes the man is still alive or else he's merely wasting valuable time he could be using to tinker more with the escape ship. and save at least a handful of people before it's too late.]

[after wandering the halls on all three former habitation levels, he finds himself back on level 20. his sphere turns on while he stands staring at a spot in the wall between two suites and mumbling to himself.]

--o, no, no, the naming scheme doesn't make sense... The first ones were named after Jupiter's moons and after... No. There should be another one right here. A man like Ganymede should have been more than pleased to have a suite named after himself and yet none exists. It's like the thirteenth floor in a high rise!

[his eyes glance over to the Europa suite, and judging from the slash marks and debris, someone's already been inside. so he turns his attentions to the crumpled door of the Callisto Suite in hopes of seeing anything that might prove the Commander's presence, but finds none.]

I've only got one chance at this... Out of all the rooms, what're the chances Orion's in here? [he begins to smirk] Only one way to find out!

[pushes his way into the suite, the door creaking loudly on ruined hinges. he resists calling out 'Marco', doubting that he'd hear 'Polo' in response and that the game has lasted so far into the future. Or worse, that Orion knew nothing about Marco Polo, or the little game named after him, and the man wouldn't answer because 'Marco' isn't his name.]

Hello? Commander Orion, are you in here?

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Dec. 20th, 2008 09:59 pm
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[he sits quietly in the bridge floor, taking a break, his back against one of the least destroyed black consoles, his helmet on the floor next to him. the sphere bobs lazily in the air in front of him and shows him with the small gift he'd found waiting for him when he went back to the cabin for some of the tools he'd stored there and forgot on his dash down to the bridge. he's almost hesitant to open it, sure that nothing the ship could give him would be nice and helpful, not from the sounds of everyone else opening theirs.]

[mutters softly to himself.] It's just a gift. Something in a box this small can't possibly hurt. [shakes it a bit, not really hearing anything.] Doesn't sound like there's any kind of booby-traps or anything.

[tears off the paper and slowly opens the box. the lid obscures what's inside, but from the dismal, dark look on his face, it's not pleasant. to him, anyway.]

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Dec. 18th, 2008 01:18 am
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[is very silent--dangerously silent--for a while as he runs full tilt to level 1. he should've known! should've...well, should've known a lot of things.

finally, he bursts out yelling at himself, not taking notice of the sphere being on]

Stupid Doctor! Stupid, stupid Doctor!

Of course it would be a black hole! Still doesn't quite explain the anomalies. No...nothing does. Nothing logical or right.

[looks up and sees the sphere recording him] Any of you who are up in the bridge, don't touch any of the controls! Not before the TARDIS and I have a chance to check everything out.

[Speaking of...] TARDIS, I need you.


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