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[after taking some time out to think and sift through his memories of the ship--and of course fixing himself a cuppa to help fire up those synapses--he finally leaves his room and makes his way down to Level 11. he had heard Ryuuko's transmission from there earlier, but something about the level itself still bothers him. once there, he turns away from the brig section of the level and heads toward where the entrance to the secondary maintenance bay should be--but its doors have never opened.]

Ganymede once mentioned there being another maintenance bay on this level, but we were forbidden to go into it. The library was like that once as well, but that eventually opened--but the bay never did. [mutters] Damn thing's deadlock sealed...

If you can, Orion, come down here, I think I--[his device goes off, sounding loudly from his coat pocket. his tone lightens]--well, I think I might have something. Do you need help getting down? [smiles mischievously] You sure you don't want that wheelchair?
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[after making sure anybody who' going to search has a device and is trained to use it, the Doctor finally sets off for the Enviro-dome! once there, he tries to remember where certain things were: the cabin in the middle of the forest, the lift from Level Ten, even the shoddy representation of Ancient Egypt.

for a while he walks, holding out his device until he reaches an approximate spot where the lift would have been--and the device goes off. it blares out obnoxiously because obviously all devices of a detecting sort
should, at least to him.]

Ah ha...I think I have something here! [holds out his device and briskly walks around the area, the noise occasionally sounding off.] Yeeep, definitely have something. Odd place for it though.
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[out into the hallway on Level 20 floats a sheet of paper, a plain one torn out of a notebook with a simple message written on it. soon it lands face up on the floor and showing its message for anybody who happens to be monitoring:]

The message's contents )

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Aug. 17th, 2009 08:08 pm
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Some Doctor ramblings, feel free to have heard him talking to himself. )

[grinning, he heads out into the hallway, a plan up his sleeve, but knows some might not like what he's going to say. it's a chance he's going to have to take.]

θ 50

Aug. 2nd, 2009 09:53 pm
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[he stares at the scene playing out but says nothing, not wishing to miss a word, but finds he's too far away to hear what the people in white are saying, so he moves from his vantage point in the orange hallway, entering the bay. his eyebrows knit together as he nears them and still he can't hear anybody else but Ganymede. soon enough, however, the scene fades away and as it does, he reaches for his Sphere, still standing in that particular auxiliary bay, and turns the device on. by the time he has it on, the scene's completely gone. surely someone else had to have seen it!]

Well...that was rather enlightening. Seems our good Captain was up to something after all.

[mutters, looking away] If only I could've heard what those other two said...

Did anybody else happen to see that? Did that show up anywhere else on the ship?

[ooc: From here, the Doctor's going to try to organise people to be on different levels of the ship to catch Ganymede's other appearances--well, once he learns that you had to be there to see that scene, that is...]
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[after messaging Oliver to meet him in the Enviro-dome post haste, he and his friend walk through the tail end of a rather noisy marketplace. he's not sure about Oliver, but he's actually being buffeted around, the smells from the stalls assaulting his nose. if he wasn't in such a hurry, he'd actually stop and use some of that money they'd procured on the way in to buy a kabob or two.]

You know Ollie, nothing about this place is actually right! The marketplace shouldn't be here; it should be to the south! And here we are coming in from the west! It's like everything's been rotated right aroun--ohhh, now that shouldn't be here for at least another two hundred and thirty-seven years! [points at a particularly large statue of Rameses II.]

And that! [pauses for a second, an eyebrow arching on his face as he looks at another statue.] Well, I'm not exactly certain why Akhenaten--try to say that five times fast--has a statue here at all. The capitol city was moved when he began his reign.

[continues right on, not letting poor Oliver get a word in edgewise.] Never mind that now! Let's see that library should be--Ah! There it is! [begins to run towards it, not caring ]

Now, d'you remember what I was saying earlier? About my old friend, the grammarian who lived in Egypt? Well, he actually lived in Thebes. Wonderful little chap, taught all over the place. Had to help him out when the Library of Alexandria showed up four hundred years after it supposedly burned down. Wouldn't leave and I had to knock him out and make it all seem like the library's appearance was nothing more than heat exhaustion. [doesn't say who was actually behind it, though]

However, I mention him now because--[stops and stands in front of the library, a grin on his face.]--the man's name was Orion of Thebes.

[turns to Ollie and nods with his head towards the entrance] Allons-y!
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[by his count, it had been far longer than a day since Oliver disappeared inside that old suite of his. others had gone since then too, and he's certain that they will not be back either. he can't help feeling terribly angry at the Commander for luring his friends and acquaintances into the death trap the Crucible has become--and it really has become one, he thinks, what with the debris, collapsing floors, and the additions of smaller black holes matching the ones dotting planet Eos' surface.

however, he squashes that hurt and anger and tucks it away to be dealt with later. figures he might as well try his hand at finding the Commander himself, continue the task the others had foolishly started. after all, once he finds the Commander, he can grill the man for all the information he's been wanting for months and if he has to... well, he hopes the man is still alive or else he's merely wasting valuable time he could be using to tinker more with the escape ship. and save at least a handful of people before it's too late.]

[after wandering the halls on all three former habitation levels, he finds himself back on level 20. his sphere turns on while he stands staring at a spot in the wall between two suites and mumbling to himself.]

--o, no, no, the naming scheme doesn't make sense... The first ones were named after Jupiter's moons and after... No. There should be another one right here. A man like Ganymede should have been more than pleased to have a suite named after himself and yet none exists. It's like the thirteenth floor in a high rise!

[his eyes glance over to the Europa suite, and judging from the slash marks and debris, someone's already been inside. so he turns his attentions to the crumpled door of the Callisto Suite in hopes of seeing anything that might prove the Commander's presence, but finds none.]

I've only got one chance at this... Out of all the rooms, what're the chances Orion's in here? [he begins to smirk] Only one way to find out!

[pushes his way into the suite, the door creaking loudly on ruined hinges. he resists calling out 'Marco', doubting that he'd hear 'Polo' in response and that the game has lasted so far into the future. Or worse, that Orion knew nothing about Marco Polo, or the little game named after him, and the man wouldn't answer because 'Marco' isn't his name.]

Hello? Commander Orion, are you in here?
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[his fire burns low, partially from the rain and partially because he's neglected it even though he specifically lit it to make tea. instead, he's spent a good deal of time after the mysterious message played pacing back and forth in the rain--if the mud trail he's blazed in front of his shelter is anything to be judged--but he pays it no mind and doesn't care that his sphere is recording--not that he notices. he's too busy muttering to himself.]

What'd that voice mean about the locals? The way it was said...sounded like the frog hybrids aren't the only life around here. But...if they're not, where have the real locals been this entire time? [he runs a hand through his drenched hair, clearly disturbed by this]

No, no, no, we shouldn't stay around to find out. [glances to the sky] There must be a way to signal that ship! But they mentioned a potential danger...are we that danger? We shouldn't shoot anything at it then. Not even my sonic screwdriver, even if it wasn't damaged in that fall, will help this time; can't risk scaring them off or worse.

[he pauses, looking around him. he can see a handful of smouldering fires coming up from various places around the field and wherever else his fellow passengers have set up camp. this gives him an idea]

The fires...the fires! All we have to do is burn--no, no, hang on a mo'. The question is what should we burn? Shouldn't burn that awful, awful fruit [pulls a face, remembering their taste] because some people actually like them. And burning the nuts and the other food stuffs is unwise as well, and no burning the fore--

The flowers. Ohhhh, of course, stupid Doctor, why didn't you think of that sooner? Those cheeky little flowers gave off that green pollen before! Perhaps it'll even turn the smoke green too! [he dashes out towards the field, skidding and sliding in the mud, and unceremoniously plucks a handful of flowers out of the ground before running back to his camp.]

Here goes nothing! [tosses the flowers onto the fire]


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