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Apr. 30th, 2009 07:25 pm
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[ooc: backdated to a little while after this entry.]

[In person, but also filtered to all passengers who'll be joining in the search later.]

[urgently, looking around at everyone who's gathered and secretly is unsettled by the fact that Oliver hasn't shown up yet.] All right, sorry everyone, but those of us here can't wait any longer.

Now. A ship this size is going to need an awfully big section devoted just to the engineering end of operations, so there's going to be the potential of getting lost in there. I've got some markers here for some of the teams here [points to a handful left on the floor], but you lot who haven't arrived yet should bring something to mark where you've been as well.

In Orion's message, he said we should be able to find our way to the right area easy enough, but if you know your ships--and I do--it's not going to be as simple as that. We have to find the right door to even get access to the main engine control room. But Orion was useful for something since he gave us the passcodes we can use--just didn't tell us which one, so we going to have to try them all out and hope we don't get locked out of the system. That's a risk we're going to have to take.

I don't know about you, but when the right door is found, we shouldn't let Ganymede know or else he'll come running and try to put a stop to this. [hopes to find the man before this can happen.] So to get around any nosy captains, when you do find the door, use Klavier's suggestion and announce it over the Spheres, but say "I've hit my elbow on the door!" From there, we'll locate you and see about shutting down those engines.

All right, enough talk! Those of you who are still on your way, please be careful. And that goes for all of you as well. [eyes everyone in front of him, his expression serious.]

Now...allons-y! [points towards the door Ganymede had disappeared into.]
[/filter to everyone]

[filter to Oliver]
Oliver, where are you? It doesn't take that long to get from the cinema to the transportation pads. [a little fear slips into his voice and he can almost feel another wave of time sickness coming on. he fights to push that feeling away.]

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Apr. 28th, 2009 11:03 pm
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[Private thoughts, off the network] )

[Filtered to all passengers]
[he's made it to level 23 by this point, judging from the chrome interior lining the halls. after hearing Kyon's transmission, he listens for a moment before he turns on his sphere, setting up a filter before he speaks. the captain need not be privy to this. if the number of volunteers Kyon's been talking to are any indication, a great deal of organisation is in order--especially seeing how large that engineering section is--and if he can protect them in any way, then he will. he refuses to let anyone else get hurt.

his tone is stern and business-like when he finally does begin.]

Now. I know I won't be able to dissuade some of you from coming. You lot can be quite stubborn when it comes to throwing yourselves in harm's way--but unfortunately, there's no time to waste! [and no time for him to bully people into staying in their rooms, even if it is for their own protection.] We're going to have to work together on this if we want to get home.

But if you do come, I hope you noticed the movement in the shadows in the room beyond where Ganymede disappeared into. [knows that door wasn't there before--hasn't the faintest idea how its existence has escaped his earlier inspections.] If I'm right, things could get very dangerous very fast if we don't proceed with an ounce of caution from this point on.

I'll wait here on Level 23 and once everyone who's going with me has arrived, we'll go from there. I figure with the amount of people there are on the ship and teaming up together in pairs or threes, we should be able to cover a great amount of that level in very little time. As long as there's a Sphere between one of you for emergency communication, we should be fine. However, I wouldn't recommend venturing in by yourself. The buddy system works for a reason. [wags a finger; the gesture saying that he will not be argued with on this point.]

[his face darkens, his voice low as he says this next bit:] And I'm asking you now, if any of you comes across the Captain during this, let me and the TARDIS know. I want a word with our dear Ganymede. [and you don't want to know what she has planned for the man.]

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Mar. 5th, 2009 01:58 pm
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[when the Sphere turns on, as it is wont to do at the most inappropriate times, it shows...the Doctor fast asleep somewhere in the forest, his body lying in the mud where a fallen log used to be until it disappeared out from under him. he, however, is very much unconscious and unaware of the sudden loss of his resting place or of his favourite tie from right around his neck. the past week's events have driven him to such a point of exhaustion--both physical and very much mental--that even the Time Lord couldn't resist succumbing to that bothersome need to let his body rest.]

[however, there's a sudden hiss of static and a couple clicking noises as an audio recording, which he made in a moment of foresight in case he did pass out, begins to play:]

"Curious things, this weather, that ship, and Commander Orion and his crew, aren't they? I could say I'm surprised by the passenger manifest--but I'm not. Though, I am interested to see if that list is updated when we get any other new arrivals after this point. Something tells me that whomever or whatever's behind this is far from finished. Makes me wonder if...

Anyway, what concerns me right now is what he said about two months ago and an unforeseen emergency... Now, I don't know about some of you, but...my memories of this ship go back much farther than that. And I never heard of any such man named Commander Orion until he did his first broadcast two weeks ago. As far as the unforeseen emergency goes, well. I'll explain later."

[Filtered message to those 'questioned' a few nights ago:] )

[the message ends, and he's none the wiser of it having played as he turns onto his side.]

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Jan. 17th, 2009 11:42 am
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Well, that was fun!

[so he says as he lies amongst a very large pile of holobooks. he narrowly missed getting smooshed underneath a few dozen book shelves moments before. casually, he slips off his trainers and after rooting around in his pockets for a moment, puts in the gravity shoe inserts he'd made a week ago, and puts one trainer back on to keep himself grounded as he puts the other one on.]

Feels like we've stopped moving--obviously so from the large crash and upturning of the ship. Everyone all right? Not squished under your belongings or anything heavy in the shops, are you?

[he freezes for a moment in his walk up the library floor--or should he consider it a wall now?--and tilts his head curiously, listening.] Weeell, isn't that curious...

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