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[by his count, it had been far longer than a day since Oliver disappeared inside that old suite of his. others had gone since then too, and he's certain that they will not be back either. he can't help feeling terribly angry at the Commander for luring his friends and acquaintances into the death trap the Crucible has become--and it really has become one, he thinks, what with the debris, collapsing floors, and the additions of smaller black holes matching the ones dotting planet Eos' surface.

however, he squashes that hurt and anger and tucks it away to be dealt with later. figures he might as well try his hand at finding the Commander himself, continue the task the others had foolishly started. after all, once he finds the Commander, he can grill the man for all the information he's been wanting for months and if he has to... well, he hopes the man is still alive or else he's merely wasting valuable time he could be using to tinker more with the escape ship. and save at least a handful of people before it's too late.]

[after wandering the halls on all three former habitation levels, he finds himself back on level 20. his sphere turns on while he stands staring at a spot in the wall between two suites and mumbling to himself.]

--o, no, no, the naming scheme doesn't make sense... The first ones were named after Jupiter's moons and after... No. There should be another one right here. A man like Ganymede should have been more than pleased to have a suite named after himself and yet none exists. It's like the thirteenth floor in a high rise!

[his eyes glance over to the Europa suite, and judging from the slash marks and debris, someone's already been inside. so he turns his attentions to the crumpled door of the Callisto Suite in hopes of seeing anything that might prove the Commander's presence, but finds none.]

I've only got one chance at this... Out of all the rooms, what're the chances Orion's in here? [he begins to smirk] Only one way to find out!

[pushes his way into the suite, the door creaking loudly on ruined hinges. he resists calling out 'Marco', doubting that he'd hear 'Polo' in response and that the game has lasted so far into the future. Or worse, that Orion knew nothing about Marco Polo, or the little game named after him, and the man wouldn't answer because 'Marco' isn't his name.]

Hello? Commander Orion, are you in here?

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Mar. 12th, 2009 05:28 pm
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[twenty-four hours has passed, the proverbial timer in the universe goes off, and much in the way that riku appeared, so does he, but mere feet away from the hole he jumped in the previous day. his clothes are even worse for the wear than when he first went in, small tears and cuts all over his beloved coat and suit.]

[but he's alive and starts to cough, his face tight as all at once pain shoots through every cell in his body. again his voice is strained, but he sounds happy despite it all.]

Fun ride. Don't think I'll be repeating that one again. [he tries to sit up, but immediately collapses right back on the ground and begins to laugh slightly, ignoring the pain. then suddenly stops.]

Hang on...same voice, [tentatively feels his face] same nose, sideburns, hair, mole between shoulder blades--Oh! And both hands! I like that! Glad that worked out!

[whispers to himself] But...I thought I'd died... I felt it! And yet I didn't regenerate... [his eyebrows furrow] How odd.

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Mar. 11th, 2009 05:28 pm
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[his face is ghostly pale, and a thin sweat has broken out across his forehead, dirt and grime sticking to his skin. he's clutching something off-screen, but from the grimace twisting his features and the mud covering his front, one can only venture a guess as to what transpired. his voice sounds strained when he finally speaks.]

It's been over twenty-four hours... As much as I completely appreciate the irony of losing the other one--made it even! Can't say that happens often!--I want it back. [mumbles to himself] Riku came back after that time, and I foolishly hoped...

No, the only answer is what lies beyond these holes. Jack's fingers and everyone else's bits and bobs, there's a reason why they're being severed--and yet Riku came back whole. Why is that? What's the nature of these holes? Not even my sonic screwdriver can analyse it, not that it's in top working order anyway.

[suddenly he stops and the sphere shows for a brief second a very muddy path with a heavy blood trail leading away from a black hole, as well as Converse-shaped footprints leading to and away from the scene, though the ones leading towards it are elongated, like he'd slipped...]

[he's aware of the sphere now and smiles at it, his feet bringing him to the edge of the hole.]
I didn't mean for any of you to see this, but there's something I need to check and I couldn't risk any of you trying to stop me and getting hurt in the process.

But! If this goes how I think it should, I'll be a complete man again. [holds up his left arm, the end of his brown coat sleeve folded over and darkened with dried blood.] In any case, the best way I'm going to find out what's in there is if I go in myself. And yes Jack, I realise I'm being a hypocrite here, yell at me all you want later.

So, hopefully see you all in a day! If not, well, we'll try not to think that way. [he hesitates for a brief second.] But if I really don't return... Thank you. Thank you all so much. You've been brilliant. [he grins sadly, winks, and suddenly jumps into the hole, disappearing completely.]

[ooc: While the Doctor won't be fielding any messages, feel free to play here if you'd like!]

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Mar. 5th, 2009 01:58 pm
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[when the Sphere turns on, as it is wont to do at the most inappropriate times, it shows...the Doctor fast asleep somewhere in the forest, his body lying in the mud where a fallen log used to be until it disappeared out from under him. he, however, is very much unconscious and unaware of the sudden loss of his resting place or of his favourite tie from right around his neck. the past week's events have driven him to such a point of exhaustion--both physical and very much mental--that even the Time Lord couldn't resist succumbing to that bothersome need to let his body rest.]

[however, there's a sudden hiss of static and a couple clicking noises as an audio recording, which he made in a moment of foresight in case he did pass out, begins to play:]

"Curious things, this weather, that ship, and Commander Orion and his crew, aren't they? I could say I'm surprised by the passenger manifest--but I'm not. Though, I am interested to see if that list is updated when we get any other new arrivals after this point. Something tells me that whomever or whatever's behind this is far from finished. Makes me wonder if...

Anyway, what concerns me right now is what he said about two months ago and an unforeseen emergency... Now, I don't know about some of you, memories of this ship go back much farther than that. And I never heard of any such man named Commander Orion until he did his first broadcast two weeks ago. As far as the unforeseen emergency goes, well. I'll explain later."

[Filtered message to those 'questioned' a few nights ago:] )

[the message ends, and he's none the wiser of it having played as he turns onto his side.]

[ooc: Feel free to wake him up!]

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Feb. 27th, 2009 05:16 pm
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[night has fallen once again on Eos, and one man who has spent far too much time listening to voices in the dark depths of the forest has finally emerged from the tree-line. amazingly, he looks slightly more put together than he has in past days. his tie is straight, tightened snugly in place, and his shirt tails are tucked neatly into his suit. every physical detail about his normal state of dress is meticulously in order.

but if one were to shine a light on his face, they'd see that those kind, ancient eyes of his no longer shine with the same lustre. they dart about, watching the spectres in his vision encourage and beckon him out towards his shelter he'd abandoned days ago. quietly he slips in, and stuffs certain supplies he feels he needs into his pockets.

finally, he reaches for the sphere, turning it on. he gives his tie one last little adjustment, a mad grin growing on his face, and then leans in towards the device and whispers:]

I'm on to you.

[and he clicks it off soon after that, and wanders out of his shelter. he's got a busy night ahead.]

[ooc: Okay! So, the Doctor's completely off his rocker now and off to 'question' people. Like I said before, let me know in like the subject line of a comment to this if you'd like to participate in his more...intense questioning or not. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, this post has just about all the details, as well as my contact info.]
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[the sphere broadcasts what's going on very late at night, deep in the forest. chances are, everyone's asleep or lost in their own nightmares, so this little episode of his goes unnoticed.

thank goodness too. he wouldn't want anyone to see him like this, and certainly not those he cares for and care for him in turn.]

The Doctor's descent )

[ooc: My apologies! This isn't the crazy entry I said I'd put up for the questioning/kidnapping thing I had in mind. No, that one's much shorter, and I did mean it coming out Friday night, EST time (stupid timezones ;_;). I meant to have this one up far, far earlier than I did, and I'm so sorry for making people jump the gun. *fails*]

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Feb. 24th, 2009 05:40 pm
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[anxiously, he paces back and forth somewhere very deep in the forest, his movement somewhat twitchy, like even his own body can't decide what state of mood it's in. if anyone had happened upon him the day before, they would've met a far different man than the one shown on the sphere now. that man had been meditating in his shelter, tuning out the world as best as his abilities would allow him to, though a few voices managed to disturb this relaxed state of mind, and since then, he hasn't been able to concentrate at all.]

He's going slightly mad. )

Go away...

[something out of the corner of his eye moves, darting behind a tree. and then another, and another and more still, all the shapes different from the next and so very familiar to him. he clenches his hands into fists, blunt nails digging into his palms as he feels his anger rising. in a low, dangerous voice, he growls:]

Ohhhh, you've chosen the wrong man to fool around with. Go away, all of you! You're dead and gone and I've done my mourning for you!

[he finally notices the sphere and his features flicker between surprise and complete vexation, before settling on a forced neutral expression]

Don't...give in to all of this. [there's a hint of desperation in his voice now as he rubs his temples.] All of you have to fight it. You can't give in!
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[his fire burns low, partially from the rain and partially because he's neglected it even though he specifically lit it to make tea. instead, he's spent a good deal of time after the mysterious message played pacing back and forth in the rain--if the mud trail he's blazed in front of his shelter is anything to be judged--but he pays it no mind and doesn't care that his sphere is recording--not that he notices. he's too busy muttering to himself.]

What'd that voice mean about the locals? The way it was said...sounded like the frog hybrids aren't the only life around here. But...if they're not, where have the real locals been this entire time? [he runs a hand through his drenched hair, clearly disturbed by this]

No, no, no, we shouldn't stay around to find out. [glances to the sky] There must be a way to signal that ship! But they mentioned a potential danger...are we that danger? We shouldn't shoot anything at it then. Not even my sonic screwdriver, even if it wasn't damaged in that fall, will help this time; can't risk scaring them off or worse.

[he pauses, looking around him. he can see a handful of smouldering fires coming up from various places around the field and wherever else his fellow passengers have set up camp. this gives him an idea]

The fires...the fires! All we have to do is burn--no, no, hang on a mo'. The question is what should we burn? Shouldn't burn that awful, awful fruit [pulls a face, remembering their taste] because some people actually like them. And burning the nuts and the other food stuffs is unwise as well, and no burning the fore--

The flowers. Ohhhh, of course, stupid Doctor, why didn't you think of that sooner? Those cheeky little flowers gave off that green pollen before! Perhaps it'll even turn the smoke green too! [he dashes out towards the field, skidding and sliding in the mud, and unceremoniously plucks a handful of flowers out of the ground before running back to his camp.]

Here goes nothing! [tosses the flowers onto the fire]

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Feb. 2nd, 2009 05:31 pm
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[the extremely happy and carefree disposition that's 'plagued' him has finally worn away, and he's thinking clearly now. so clearly in fact, he's wandering deeper into the forest and uses the excuse of having more of the planet to explore to keep himself from running into anyone else.]

[the sphere hovers a good distance in front of him and he either doesn't notice that it's on or doesn't care to acknowledge it. gone is the smile that made his cheeks ache. his face is blank, but his eyes tell a different story. after a few long moments of walking, he finally looks up. he's done deciding what he should say.]

Ollie, Lara, everyone I talked to, just forget what I said since that sun came out. None of that's important now, so just forget it. [points a finger at the hologram screen] I mean it.

[he looks away from the sphere, muttering] Well...there are some things I do still mean. Abel, I will write that letter for you. I meant every word, especially to you, Amaterasu.

But Rangiku...I--[he falters for a brief second.] I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I couldn't help you or even think about wanting to help you in the state of mind I was in.

[Private, non-hackable] )

[ooc: opting out of the genderswap. he'll need the laugh for later!]

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Jan. 27th, 2009 12:39 pm
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[his mischievous little sun-like sphere has switched on again, showing him sitting comfortably up in a tree bordering the vast field of blooming flowers. he's left his brown coat and suit jacket down on the ground, carelessly discarded, and anyone who happens to come by will see his tan trainers with socks sticking out of them lying haphazardly at the tree's base. one leg draped lazily over the side of the branch, his naked toes wiggling occasionally in the air. he's not really paying attention to much other than the delicate, glass-like butterflies resting on his fingers and fluttering all around him.]

[he feels very Huck Finn--or Tom Sawyer, he always confused the two--with not a care in the world. the content, peaceful look on his face tells the same story.]

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Jan. 17th, 2009 11:42 am
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Well, that was fun!

[so he says as he lies amongst a very large pile of holobooks. he narrowly missed getting smooshed underneath a few dozen book shelves moments before. casually, he slips off his trainers and after rooting around in his pockets for a moment, puts in the gravity shoe inserts he'd made a week ago, and puts one trainer back on to keep himself grounded as he puts the other one on.]

Feels like we've stopped moving--obviously so from the large crash and upturning of the ship. Everyone all right? Not squished under your belongings or anything heavy in the shops, are you?

[he freezes for a moment in his walk up the library floor--or should he consider it a wall now?--and tilts his head curiously, listening.] Weeell, isn't that curious...

Filter to the TARDIS )

Filter to Oliver and Lara )

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Jan. 9th, 2009 12:00 pm
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[the Sphere pops on showing a pair of pin-striped legs walking along the side of an escalator on Level 15. can't see his face yet, but he's grinning like mad, damned proud of his new creation.]

Brilliant! Better than I expected! I'll have to thank Sasuke and the other ninja--[notices the sphere's broadcasting and he groans] Again?! Blimey, such a finicky piece of machinery, aren't you? I wish you'd stop doing that. [sighs and nudges the Sphere away from him. he can't help wondering what attracts strong-minded things to him.]

Well, don't know about the rest of you, but the lack of gravity loses its novelty after a time. Bad enough I'm resorting to drinking tea out of little plastic bags. There's a much easier and palate pleasing way to preserve food items, but apparently this ship isn't capable of that technology yet. [mutters] Big surprise there.

Where was I...oh yes! So, I noticed what those ninja lads were up to and I figured, well, I could do the same, if not better, and [grins cockily] I have. See? [pokes his sphere to turn and focus on his trainers. one foot's raised like he was caught midstep--which he was and he's slightly annoyed about it too, but his eagerness to show off hides all that.] Look like regular ol' Chucks, don't they? But what you can't see is the intricate mechanisms built onto two inserts inside them. They work on a system of attraction and repulsion, kind of like magnets but they work on more surfaces than just metal alone. As one foot goes down, the other foot is repelled away from the surface. Works fantastic when you're walking! Well...I suppose if you had more than two feet there'd be a problem, however! I can work around that!

The best part? Stamp your free foot down and you can propel yourself away from the surface you're on! Just do a little tumble in the air or swing your feet about and the mechanisms will latch you onto the next surface. Or you'll hit your head if you're not too careful, either one. Depends on how nimble you are in the air.

So! [smiles eagerly] Would anyone like me to make you up a pair while I'm here? They're frightfully easy to make--don't know why I never thought of them sooner. If not,'ll be missing out on a lot of fun!

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Dec. 23rd, 2008 12:16 am
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[the sphere, now shaped like a sun the size of a small basketball, turns on.]

[he's very confused. very, very confused and wondering why he's back in his bedroom. he rubs his head and it registers a moment later that he remembered wearing a helmet moments before and stops what he's doing. he remembers screaming and yelling at...something, so
urgently, and remembers smashing his hands and those strange words just before...]

What...? How'd I get back here from the bridge? [he frowns and furrows his eyebrows] I thought that captain had been... [trails off when he notices something new. his eyes light up, a grin quickly spreading across his face.]

Oh hello! [ducks out of sight of his Sphere's line of sight--he's hugging his greatest and oldest friend] When did you get here?


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