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Dec. 20th, 2008 09:59 pm
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[he sits quietly in the bridge floor, taking a break, his back against one of the least destroyed black consoles, his helmet on the floor next to him. the sphere bobs lazily in the air in front of him and shows him with the small gift he'd found waiting for him when he went back to the cabin for some of the tools he'd stored there and forgot on his dash down to the bridge. he's almost hesitant to open it, sure that nothing the ship could give him would be nice and helpful, not from the sounds of everyone else opening theirs.]

[mutters softly to himself.] It's just a gift. Something in a box this small can't possibly hurt. [shakes it a bit, not really hearing anything.] Doesn't sound like there's any kind of booby-traps or anything.

[tears off the paper and slowly opens the box. the lid obscures what's inside, but from the dismal, dark look on his face, it's not pleasant. to him, anyway.]

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Dec. 18th, 2008 01:18 am
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[is very silent--dangerously silent--for a while as he runs full tilt to level 1. he should've known! should've...well, should've known a lot of things.

finally, he bursts out yelling at himself, not taking notice of the sphere being on]

Stupid Doctor! Stupid, stupid Doctor!

Of course it would be a black hole! Still doesn't quite explain the anomalies. No...nothing does. Nothing logical or right.

[looks up and sees the sphere recording him] Any of you who are up in the bridge, don't touch any of the controls! Not before the TARDIS and I have a chance to check everything out.

[Speaking of...] TARDIS, I need you.
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[written on a small spiral notebook, his writing really only discernible to him and him only--and perhaps his TARDIS, and stuffed into his coat pocket.]

Quick observations:
-Still no TARDIS in sight, not even the newly opened docking bay above level 8. How I managed to miss that stairwell the first time... Also wonder how long that connection to the Enviro-dome from level 10 has been there. Curious.

-No animals about now. Made heading down to level 15 a much nicer jaunt than before!

-Captain's a nutter, plain and simple. My mind's made up on that.

-It's fascinating that the life support started failing in the passenger cabin section of the ship instead of the ones damaged from the explosions last month. Normally the broken/ruined/exploded sections are the first to go on a ship in trouble, but that isn't the case. Still not surprised though. This ship's as bad as her captain, if not worse.

-Also... Been feeling slightly worse as of late, ever since the failure of the life support on level 22 and the Captain's announcement of our impending deaths. Never mind I haven't felt right here to begin with, and that people have been pulled from different universes when that should not be happening! It can't! This ship is wrong and it bothers me to the very core. I'm afraid I won't know what is happening until it's too late...again.

[on another page:]
To do:
1) Gather food supplies that don't need to be baked, boiled, fried, etc, yes, this does involve foregoing tea eventually. Also some more blankets (as I'm sure I'll have more company eventually and the TARDIS usually does this for me...), medical supplies (only fitting after all!), and...anything else that'll come in handy.
2) Purchase a nice bag and tinker with it so it can carry more than normal capacity. Done! There's even room to spare for the kettle, if I feel so inclined to pack it away too.
C) This will require a trip to the hardware store. Good thing they won't mind my playing around in there. Obviously done.
D4) Head back to suite and pack up orange jumpsuit and helmet, along with everything else. Okay, so the helmet wasn't easy to find, but like some panel is going to stop me from finding it! Hah! However...it isn't quite going to fit with everything else I'm packing. Will have to carry it along with the bag when the time comes to vacate my suite. And that time will come eventually...
5) Spare some time to tune sonic screwdriver. Just in case. Done, sort of. Good enough for now. I'll have to give it a proper looking to once can get to my tool bench.
6) Try to get some sleep. Perhaps an hour or two at least. a quick nap. <---Will do that later.
7) [Indeterminate squiggle]
8) Try to decipher #7. Might be important.

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Dec. 9th, 2008 08:42 pm
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[has just listened to the captain's latest announcement, and watches as the lights flicker and flash until the majority of them are out, including almost all of the ones where he stands on the observation deck. except for one near the entrance that dims occasionally, but holds onto its feeble light.]

[it's hard to see, but oddly, there's a smile on his face. as he speaks, one could possibly feel the venom in his words]

Captain Ganymede, you've just said the magic words. I won't allow you to harm anyone on this ship.

You've been warned.
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[ooc: back dating a bit to soon after this

[in a sing-song voice] Oliveeeer! [grins broadly] Bet you can't guess where I am right now!

I'll give you two clues! One, I'm not in the kitchen. And two...[searches around for an example]...oh, I can see my name on something! But I won't tell you what that is because I already gave your hints.

[has an ever so slight moment of guilt] I know you said not to run out because of the animals, but...

[takes off down the hall, running as fast as he can]

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Nov. 16th, 2008 03:09 am
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Attention! Attention everyone in the Enviro-dome! Don't know about you, but Oliver here [points to the young man resting just out of view of the sphere] was just attacked by...something. I tried to reason with it, but it apparently wasn't interested in any kind of discussion.

Be careful, and watch for discrepancies in the snow fall. The creature won't be too far behind.

We do have some medical supplies, but I don't know how much.

Try to distract if you can, but don't attack it! We very well could be intruding on its lands and it's just being territorial.

And all of you on the outside...keep safe and out of harm's way. Stay in your rooms if you have to.

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Nov. 12th, 2008 10:03 pm
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[frowns as he puts the sonic screwdriver back into his pocket. currently, he stands in front of the transportation pad and is feeling rather frustrated with it]

I was hoping it was just my floor, but apparently, that isn't the case... [sighs and turns around, walking down the hallways]

Ah well, loads of walking isn't a bad thing! Not at all! A lot like running! Except, well, slower.

[continues on in silence, mulling various things over as he wanders down the hall towards the observation deck--

--except he suddenly see his breath puff up in the air in front of him and realizes that he's now waling through a wintery forest, and his feet crunching the snow on the ground.]

...What? [turns around, and sees that the hallway he was just in moments ago is no longer there] What?! Oh, come on!

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Nov. 7th, 2008 05:16 pm
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[stands in the kitchen, which is noticeably cleaner, not exactly perfect; it still has flour particles in some of the cracks between some of the shelves, and one pile of cookies has noticeably grown shorter since a couple days ago.]

So, I've noticed that--well, apart from there being several more passengers than I last checked--many of you are left without a place to eat. After doing some thinking, I've decided to open up my kitchen to those who need it. I don't need much as it is, so as long as you clean up when you're done, my kitchen is your kitchen.

Just, you know, inform me of when you're coming over. Even if it's a knock, it's good to know. [has had many people come into his home uninvited in the past and nowadays likes to know when they're there.]

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Nov. 5th, 2008 08:38 pm
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[the Sphere turns on, unbeknownst to him. He's just walking into his room after making a very disquieting trip to level 15. after much research and looking around--after all, a lot of those dark smudges were very suspicious looking, but even his sonic screwdriver wasn't able to discern what it was. And that disturbed him even more.

[has a blank, thoughtful face on, but throws on a smile when he realizes that the Sphere is broadcasting]

Well, looks like my favourite robotic chippy's closed up shop. And here I was, finally getting used to the oil.

Oh well! Wouldn't be the first time my favourite eat-out has closed its doors. There was this fantastic yakitori stand just outside of Tokyo. Sauce like you wouldn't believe! But, anyway, the owner crossed Oda Nobunaga the wrong way and...well, you can only guess how that one turned out...

[goes silent for a second, and wanders into the kitchen, which is still in the same state it was a couple days ago, except with far more foot prints, both bare and trainer-shaped ones, and two sets of tall piles consisting of four different kind of biscuits, and only he, and Oliver, know why they're separated like that.]

[scratches his head] Suppose I could try to make my own here... Nah. Maybe something else. Don't know what.

Don't know if I feel hungry any more...

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Oct. 17th, 2008 01:25 am
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[sounds of his footsteps, pacing furiously back and forth. he goes on like this for several minutes, a glower on his face and doesn't realize that the Sphere has turned on.]

[mutters to himself]

He knows where she is!

Level nine, level nine...and my screwdriver won't get me there...

Then again, she might not even be on that level. He could be lying.

And level nine is awfully big, but so far, there don't seem to be many other passengers with space crafts, so she could be sitting out in the middle of an empty docking area.

[falls silent for a long moment, still pacing, still angry, with his arms folded over his chest]

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Sep. 22nd, 2008 04:50 pm
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[groans and winces as he sits up]

Alright, everything still in working order--legs, arms, hearts...--okay, we're good! We're--[notices the Sphere floating in front of him] Oh, hello! Aren't you a cute little thing, all floaty and bouncy and ohhhh, you're a recording device, aren't you?

[fishes around for his sonic screwdriver and suddenly realizes he's in an orange jumpsuit]

...When did I change clothes?

What the hell is going on?


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