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2010-06-14 08:22 pm
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For Messages

[luckily for anyone who may have stumbled upon the number to the TARDIS, the Doctor has installed an answer phone! no guarantees on how often he checks it, however.]

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2010-03-06 06:03 pm

θ [ profile] gauntlet_rpg Threads, etc

For organisational purposes, and so I can keep track of who he's met when and that sort of thing.

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2009-12-03 07:05 pm

Threads for Crucible

I've consolidated my tags--really, I had a lot and it was just getting messy. But! If you're looking for a particular thread or something, I've saved what the tags were for each entry and have listed them accordingly so you can still find them by name/plot/etc.

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2009-10-14 02:52 am

θ 60 - Post-Crucible

Post-Crucible fic. It's also a sorta companion piece to what Mecchan wrote for Oliver, well, in the vaguest sense in the word anyway. >.>;;

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2009-07-11 11:15 pm

OOC - Cheatsheet for the "I remember" plot

Just a bit of indulgence on my part (and so I can keep all the Doctors straight >.>;), here's a colour/font cheat sheet for them all:

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2008-09-22 02:59 pm
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Concrit and feedback

If you have any feedback or constructive criticism for how I'm playing the Doctor, or have any questions at all about when I'm taking him from, etc, go ahead and leave a message here or email me!

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2008-09-22 12:47 pm

Permissions Meme - Crucible

I noticed a couple other players had this on their journals, so I thought I'd finally add one! If you have any questions about what I said or want any kind of clarifications, let me know here, on my concrit page, or through email, etc. (You can find that info here.)

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