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Character Name: The Doctor (10th incarnation)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Gender: Male
Age: Says he's 904, but is a few hundred years older than that.
Sexuality: Asexual
Original or Anomaly?: Original

Little over six feet tall, thin like a rail with lean muscle. Appears to be in his mid to late thirties, brown eyes. Has pale skin with freckles, especially on his face, and brown hair that has practically a life of its own. (Prefers to style it rather spiky, as of late.) Wears a close-fitted brown suit with blue pinstripes (or a blue suit with brown pinstripes), Converse trainers (cream or red, depending on the suit), and a long, light brown overcoat with big pockets, given to him by Janis Joplin. Also wears tortoise-shell specs when he's trying to concentrate or examine something--but mostly wears them to appear even smarter than he is. There's no prescription in them.

The Doctor, in his tenth incarnation, is genuinely a friendly guy. He's witty, manic, chatty—so much so, that he has a tendency to babble nonsensically (though, there usually is a point in all that he says)—and is unintentionally rude at times. He doesn't recognize when he is, but sometimes later does realize he was and feels bad. Normally, he's rather happy and jolly, and always filled with curiosity about the things around him, and can be rather nosy.

He's filled with self-confidence, sometimes edging on arrogance, and is a genius (and will tell you so too), and doesn't like being wrong or being unable to solve a problem right off the bat. He's also eager to explain to people the things that interest him (like how things work, why something is like it is or why he thinks it is, etc), but he sometimes does so in a way that is filled with technological jargon and makes sense only to him, but stop him and ask him to explain more plainly and he will. Can be absent-minded and neglect to tell people things that might be important at the time and may get annoyed with himself for that kind of mistake.

He loves pop culture, especially late 20th to 21st century Earth pop culture, but his random bits of knowledge extend far backwards and forwards into history. He's a big fan of bananas in any form and cupcakes with the little edible ball bearings sprinkled on top. He's a big lover of just about anything—except pears.

He's very protective of those he cares for, as well as for the innocent parties that get caught up in the bad things that happen around him. He can be very self-righteous in his sense of justice and gives his enemies one chance to stop what they're doing and straighten up before he acts and punishes them. He's also the type who will taunt and provoke his enemies and not show any fear in front of them while doing so (he's very good at masking it). He may come off scary when he's truly angry.

He detests firearms and really, weapons of any kind, but can fight (and has fought) with a sword. He is, however, more likely to try to solve a fight through words and diplomacy rather than getting physical. And if that doesn't work, he'll run away to think of a better solution.

Deep down, he's essentially a very lonely person. Having lived for many, many centuries, he's seen countless people live and die and he'll even give his worst enemies a chance to live so there won't be any more death.

WARNING: Huge spoilers for the 11th Doctor in both entries (and really, all around the DW wiki entries) so beware if you DON'T want to be spoiled! If you have any questions about his history at all, please feel free to ask me!
His beginnings and past lives
Current incarnation's recent history

He's very intelligent and has an intellect that registers far off the normal human scale of IQ testing, uses a sonic screwdriver that can do quite a lot of things (has thousands of uses for it, like unlocking things, using it to get medical read-outs on things, but it's not a weapon; it doesn't fire sonic beams or anything harmful), can withstand extremely high levels of radiation, has a binary vascular system, and go without air for up to twenty minutes if need be.

Doesn't need a lot of sleep or food. Eats and drinks more for pleasure and company. Alcohol tolerance is debatable (he can choose whether to let the alcohol affect him or not). Has advanced senses, for example, he can tell the chemical makeup of something just by licking it, and is mildly telepathic (however, he has to be touching the person with whom he wants to share a telepathic link with). Can't say no to experiencing something new. He's musically inclined, and this incarnation can play the organ/piano, but likes composing more than anything.

He has very strong psychic defences, and only someone with equally strong abilities stands a chance of breaking through those defences and reading his mind.

Can't open deadlocked sealed doors, windows, etc with his sonic screwdriver, can get carried away when he's angry and sometimes needs someone to tell him to stop, his tuxedo—thinks it only brings him bad luck (and hasn't proven him differently yet). In a way, his friends can be only because their being captured or hurt is a way to provoke and injure him.

While his psychic defences are strong, he can really only use his own through touch. (Unless he's trying to use his to communicate with another Time Lord, then that's a different story.)

Normally, he can sense the passage of time (what is in flux, fixed, etc.) but the ship has dampened these abilities and he can't suss things out as well as he used to.

He can be mortally wounded like anyone else. (Doesn't like getting shot—had a bad experience getting shot once and doesn't care to repeat it.) His curiosity gets him in trouble more often than not.
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