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I noticed a couple other players had this on their journals, so I thought I'd finally add one! If you have any questions about what I said or want any kind of clarifications, let me know here, on my concrit page, or through email, etc. (You can find that info here.)

Basics for Reference:
Name: The Doctor. (His real name has been hidden away.)
Alias: John Smith, Dr. Smith, Dr. Noble, Dr. Johann Schmidt, Doctor Von Wer, Dr. James McCrimmon, the wizard Quiquaequod, etc. He's got a lot of them, but uses John Smith the most when he has to.
Age: Says he's 904, but he's a vain and forgetful person with a very, very complicated life, so he's much older than that.
Species: Time Lord, formerly from the planet Gallifrey.
When in the canon is he from?; He's post-season 4, but pre-Christmas 2008 special. I pulled him from about three-four months after the end of Season 4, and obviously more time has passed since he arrived. (And as a note, I'm not going to update him. With the game ending in September '09 and the next special out lord knows when, it's easier to keep him right where he is.)

For more specific things about him, head over here.

θ Threadhopping with this character - yes/no/maybe so?: Sure, I don't mind! Just as long as the filtered conversations are respected, I don't mind at all.

θ Backtagging with this character - yes/no/maybe so?: Yes. Very much yes. I know I seem bad or forgetful for dropping threads with people--I don't mean to. I just don't know what everyone else thinks is acceptable to backtag.

θ How about logging?: I'm always up for logging! God, most of the time, I'm just too damn shy to email people and ask them if they want to log, and I feel silly doing the whole occ note at the bottom of the comment thing. I'd love to log with more people.

θ Hugging this character?: Go right ahead! And watch out, he just might beat you to the punch!

θ Giving this character a kiss?: Ahhh, quick kiss? Sure, go ahead. Anything longer? I'd say no. He's been down that road a few times and it hasn't ended well.

θ Hitting/kicking/punching/slapping this character: Wouldn't be the first time his big mouth got him in trouble. Anything really severe, please ask me first.

θ Is there anything ought not be mentioned near this character?: Not really. He's pretty good with avoiding uncomfortable topics, so ask anything!

θ Is there anything you need us to know about interacting with this character? Special physical features, fighting abilities, etc: His senses are a lot more sensitive than a human's (example, he can figure out the chemical make-up of something simply by licking it), he's moderately telepathic--more so than his earlier incarnations. He can feel the passage of time--all that is and was, what could be and shouldn't be and will be. He can tell when an event is fixed or in flux and he can feel that with other people as well. Usually. However, being on the Crucible has dampened this ability of his. From the events on the ship--same people appearing from different dimensions and whatnot--he knows something is wrong because to him, there should be no interdimensional/interuniversal travel, but he can't sense when it will happen again or really feel it at all.

Oh yes, forgot to mention this before. His body temperature is a lot cooler than a human's, about in the 60F range, so feel free to feel a little chill when touching his skin or whatever.

θ Anything else, please mention here: I do use the audio series put out by the Big Finish in my canon for him, as well as other licensed media for the show--at least the materials I've been able to get my hands on or read up on a bit on stuff floating around the internet. Though, chances are, I'm more likely to make up adventures that he had, though occasionally I will reference stuff from the show like events and characters. So if he says he did such and such on planet X and you've never heard about that before, chances are that's just me making up a plausible adventure for him!

Also, some people just feel wrong to him. (A former companion and friend, Captain Jack Harkness is an example. Jack is a fact in the universe and no one is meant to be one. All things are born and eventually die, but Jack can't. He can die, and die, and die millions of times over again and still come back. Jack's very nature repulsed the Doctor initially with his wrongness. Though, the two of them are friends and eventually worked through that oddity, but for the Doctor, it's a constant thing he's reminded of because time should flow right along with Jack but it doesn't.)

Also, basic thing about the Time Lords. Be warned, good amount of tl;dr here. They were sort of a pompous and pretentious race--being the ones with the highest technological advancements in time travel and just about everything else really doesn't help destroy that image--and were viewed as stagnant and corrupt in their thinking, something that continually frustrated the Doctor for centuries. They bound themselves to a strict non-interference policy, preferring to let the natural course of time continue to flow, and that even extended to when an outside force arrived to threaten that course. They would simply sit back and watch--and let others do their dirty work. (Think of them as a high profile dignitaries. The dignitaries can't go out and do things on their own--plausible deniability, etc, etc--so they hire a cleaner or fixer to handle the situation. In a lot of cases, that fixer was the Doctor.)

Now. This next bit is related to the Gallifrey audios, and I think it makes complete sense with the Doctor's later reaction to Jack and his past involvement with vampires. (Yes, vampires in DW, I kid you not. They didn't appear in the Gallifrey series of audios, though, just to be clear. They were in a couple of the early serials, and I think there was an audio involving them, can't quite remember at the moment.)

Being a race of pompous individuals, it only stands to reason that the Time Lords would look down on races with lesser advancements in technology and culture. Which they did. For countless millenia, they only opened the Academy to most of the people who lived on Gallifrey, with the exception of those they deemed Outsiders. And with the ascension of Romana to the presidency, she changed that policy and allowed anyone who wanted to come to the Academy a free pass there. Of course, this sent most of the other Time Lords into a tizzy. Some embraced the change while others thought this would be the inciting incident of Gallifrey's downfall. (And while we know things ended with Gallifrey's complete destruction by the time we get to the New Series, we still don't know what truly kick started everything off for the last Time War.)

As far as the vampires go, that revulsion goes back to the early days of Time Lord society. They fought against the vampires for years and since both races are rather hard to kill (regeneration cycles for the Time Lords, near invulnerability for the vampires), the fighting went on for a LONG time. Until the Time Lords thought to use the one ability that CAN kill the vampires, namely the stake through the heart method. (Why they didn't think to use this sooner, I don't know. Silly Time Lords.) Most of the Great Vampires are dead now, but races like plasmavores still exist (one he met drank his blood through a straw jabbed in his neck and drained enough from him to make him seem dead.)

Really, that's a roundabout way of saying the Time Lords were a bit racist, but at least they were across the board and even treated some of their own people like dirt. Take a look at the Doctor's own history and see how a renegade Time Lord like he was treated. The errand boy thing alone should be a good enough clue. But basically the majority of the Time Lords thought they were better than everyone else.

Though, I should make it clear that the Doctor wouldn't fancy himself as such by any means. Oh god, not at all. He's a lover of life in general, but even he can't completely ignore the Time Lord instincts of his when it comes to strange humanoid beings or things like Daleks and other strange creatures who may defy certain aspects of time. So if he seems a bit awkward around the vampires on board, or around those who don't feel quite right to him, that's why. It's not you, it's him. His encounter with Jack really opened his eyes to that. (Though, he didn't with shinigami now that I think about it. Must've been the gigai bodies throwing him off.)


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