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Backdated before Meredith's appearance/projection on the Plane.

[the Doctor frowns as he leaves the bar, the door shutting behind him. well, he supposes he ought to be proud that his friend isn't there, but he's got to admit that it has made finding Oliver a bit easier in recent times knowing that he would be there.

that is...before they were trapped on the Plane for a month, anyway.

it leaves one other location for him to check, so he makes a beeline for the library. when he enters, he doesn't say a word, not just yet. ever since viewing Oliver's choice, he's tried to find his friend, but his efforts have been fairly fruitless so far. he isn't even sure if Oliver
is in the library. could be off the Plane for all he knows, but it's a chance he's got to take.

after checking through the various history sections, he pauses for the briefest of seconds to think where else Oliver would be--then he's got it. a small smile graces lips as he heads to the science-fiction section, and glances between shelves for a sign of--

he stops suddenly, catching sight of him resting in a chair at the opposite end of the shelves the Doctor is at. silently, he makes his way down the aisle and only once he's close does he speak]

Ollie! [his face splits into a grin] There you are! [tilts his head to catch the name of the book in Oliver's hands] What are you--oh. [pulls a face] Well, at least that one's got interesting characters. Well, when I say "interesting", I mean ones with a smart enough head on their shoulders to work with all those dodgy high-tech devices that I, frankly, could build in my sleep and in far less time than they did, and honestly that major plot twist? I saw it coming five pages in. Terribly predictable, if you ask me.
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