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Within moments of his regeneration, and after several failed attempts to convince her otherwise, Rose maintained that that he wasn't the Doctor and demanded to be brought home before something happened to her the way it did her Doctor. Saddened and hurt by this, he did as she asked, hitting the fast return switch to bring them back to the moment Rose left in the TARDIS to go to Satellite 5. Just before he set off in the TARDIS, he almost went after her to try and convince her one more time, but his regeneration started going wrong and in a fit, he decided that no, he'd go to Barcelona all by himself, but in his enthusiasm and in the midst of pain from the failing regeneration, he only managed a short hop in space-time and crash-landed on the grounds of the Tower of London. The newly regenerated Doctor managed to take two steps away from his TARDIS after shutting the doors--and while wondering why Barcelona looked an awful lot like London--before he collapsed, letting out a puff of excess energy.

This happened around the time Harriet Jones was being escorted to the UNIT facility built within the Tower and happened to hear of a crash that immediately created a Code 9 alert while on her way there. As she'd long since learnt of the different codes and emergency protocols, she knew the Doctor had arrived just when they needed him. Harriet arrived on the scene just as UNIT officers were carting the Doctor away to the medical bay and she recognised the Doctor's clothing, but not the man himself, much to her confusion. Still though, Major Blake quickly briefed her and her assistant, Alex, before she asked to see the man who'd been brought in.

Word of the Doctor's arrival spread like wildfire throughout the already busy facility, but the soldiers there didn't have long to gossip before the pilot fish-dressed-as-Father Christmases showed up and began attacking, wanting to find the Doctor. Most of the pilot fish were killed before one managed to transmat away.

To confirm his identity, the UNIT doctors performed a few different scans on him to see what's wrong and delved into decades old records from years ago of a similar man, an older gentleman, who also had a double heart beat, etc, and called himself the Doctor. They figure perhaps this man is the son of the Doctor in the medical records and told Harriet so when she went to visit him. She, however, remained unconvinced of that story, but since he was the only one who left the TARDIS and he was wearing her Doctor's clothing, she had to try to wake him up. Moments before, the Sycorax had sent them a message with their list of demands, which Alex was working hard to translate for them. She, and the entire world, needed him to wake up, prove he's the Doctor, and help them.

Unfortunately, he still remained unconscious while she sat at his bedside. Nothing the UNIT doctors did seemed to do any good. A nurse had just returned with a cup of tea for Harriet when Alex came to inform her of what the message said when all the people with A positive blood began heading up to the roofs. Unfortunately, the nurse had A-positive blood and dropped the cup of tea just as she was about to put it down on a table since Harriet decided she didn't want it, spilling the tea on one of the heart monitors hooked up to the Doctor and shorting it out.

When Harriet returned after declining to surrender to the Sycorax and putting out an emergency broadcast to reassure the people the situation is under control, she found the Doctor sitting up, awake, and pulling on some hospital scrubs a helpful nurse had brought for him so he didn't have to parade around in a hospital gown. He explained how the tea helped him and finally confirmed for Harriet that he was the same man she met in Downing Street and that Rose had been brought home safe and sound just like he said he would, but before she could ask any more questions, he asked her if his TARDIS was still where he parked it, but she told him that no, UNIT brought the TARDIS into the command centre so the Sycorax couldn't get their hands on it.

Together, they ran to the command centre after he borrowed the robe from the other patient in the room with him, and ran into Alex who told them that the Sycorax ship had entered the atmosphere, so the Doctor decided it was time they meet the new neighbours and used the TARDIS to transport him, Harriet and Alex to the Sycorax ship, surprising them in the middle of their argument with Major Blake back in the command centre. He easily fought off the Sycorax leader's whip attack and snapped his staff before he could use that too, and upon being asked who he was, the Doctor said he knew his name but beyond that he didn't know and didn't know yet what sort of man he was--but definitely determined that he was rude, not ginger, and could talk at length.

He released the blood-controlled people and challenged the Sycorax leader to a fight for the planet which eventually took them out to the exterior of the ship, Harriet, Alex, and a couple Sycorax soldiers following after them as witnesses. Even though he was still well within the first fifteen hours of his regenerative cycle, he had enough strength and speed thanks to being able to rest and getting that infusion of tea into his synapses so early on. He was able to keep up with the Sycorax leader in the fight, dodging the leader's broader attacks, but he got carried away. During a counterattack, they crossed swords and the Doctor's sword was sent flying out of his hand, landing some ways away from him, and he was knocked to the ground. The Doctor waited until the very last second for the Sycorax leader's sword to come down on him before he rolled out of the way, but his only choice was to roll over the edge since the Sycorax leader had backed him up too far to escape anywhere else. Thankfully, he caught himself on the ledge and the leader's sword was stuck in the ground thanks to the force of his swing. The Doctor took advantage of this and shimmied to the side and up over the edge, realising just how lucky he was that he caught the ledge in the first place, and retrieved his sword in time to continue fighting until the Doctor managed to defeat him. He made the Sycorax leader promise to leave and never return to to Earth in exchange for the Doctor sparing his life.

Harriet greeted him as he walked away from the defeated Sycorax leader, handing him the robe he'd taken off before he started fighting. Pulling it on again, he found a satsuma in the pocket and was momentarily confused about why it was there, but he didn't have much time to think about it before the Sycorax leader tried to attack him again. Angered that his act of mercy had been thrown in his face, the Doctor threw the satsuma at a control button on the ship's exterior, causing a section of the ship to collapse--and conveniently sending the Sycorax leader plummeting to his death.

Back inside the ship, the Doctor declared his victory to the awaiting Sycorax and repeated what he told the Sycorax leader about never returning, with the reminder that Earth is defended. The Sycorax then transmatted the trio and the TARDIS back to London, not too far away from the Tower and together, they watched the Sycorax ship fly away without further ado. Harriet expressed concern over what happened and whether there were more aliens out there, and the Doctor said there were and how more and more were beginning to notice Earth, but like he told the Sycorax, Earth was defended and not all species were out to invade and cause mayhem. He asked Harriet and Alex if they wanted to come with him both as a thank you and so he could show them the better side of the universe (and so he wouldn't be alone but he didn't say that), but Alex declined having seen enough, but Harriet wanted to give it a bit of thought. As the Prime Minister, if she had a better idea of the sort of alien life to expect, she'd be better equipped to help her people.

Still though, he decided to give Harriet the rest of the day to decide, since it was Christmas and all. He left her to her Prime Minister duties, knowing she'd have to hold a press conference, so he went rummaging around the TARDIS wardrobe, eventually settling on a brown pinstripe suit and long brown coat with Converse trainers. Once he was done, he materalised within the private residence of 10 Downing Street, surprising Harriet, and brought her back to Flydale North to visit her mother in the final hours of Christmas as a gift to her.

After that, she agreed to one trip and made him promise to have her back in the morning. Of course he accepted that and once she had said good-bye to her mother, they set off for worlds the Doctor had yet to see.

Seeing as Harriet wished to see what other worlds were like, the Doctor brought her to Delphon to show her a benevolent species who communicate with their eyebrows. He figured they'd be a good species for Harriet to start out with and besides, he'd always wanted to go there. It was one of those planets he knew of but had never visited. Before they left the TARDIS, though, he tested the emotional range of her eyebrows and found that it would be best if she kept her expressions to a minimum just in case she accidentally insulted someone's mother. She protested about being perfectly suited to speak for herself, which he knew to be true, but he gave her a large pair of sunglasses that more than covered her eyebrows anyway as a precaution. The last thing he wanted was to land them in jail after promising her a trip to a friendly world just because her eyebrows shot up in surprise. He gave her a quick lesson on greetings and salutations in Delphon, as well as how to say, "I don't speak Delphon that well" in case something did happen and they were separated, but asked that she watched him first to see what it was like once the TARDIS translation circuits took over.

Satisfied that neither of them would start an intergalactic incident, the Doctor took her on a tour of one of the biggest metropolises on Delphon, exposing her to not only the Delphons, but several other species as well, including several humanoids. As they looked around, he told her about the TARDIS translation circuits, which explained how she could understand what was being said (and how they understood the Sycorax), but when asked how it worked in reverse, the Doctor got all vague and quickly distracted by something he wanted to show Harriet. For the most part, their afternoon was uneventful; the Doctor shared with her several Delphon delicacies and they even caught a show, which they both thought had very interesting staging considering the means of communication. Harriet didn't use the sunglasses, though, much to his disappointment.

After a conversation with a very delightful Delphon named Phoren, the Doctor learned there was supposed to be a display very similar to fireworks that night, so they stayed for that, but once the fireworks started going off, the Doctor realised from Phoren's expression that something had gone horribly wrong. They ran toward the city centre, working their way through crowds of fleeing people, to find that a group of exiles without eyebrows had started attacking the centre of the Delphon government. Turned out that exiles were sent away after a ceremony that would surgically remove their eyebrows, effectively silencing them for life--a practice the Doctor was unaware of. Aided by renegades from the Delphon sister planet, Gorin, where the people communicate through ear wiggles, the exiles swept through city and the Doctor allowed himself to be captured after he told Harriet to run and find shelter with Phoren. Phoren tried to convince Harriet to run, but even as scared as she was of the explosions, she knew what she would do if it were happening to her people.

The Doctor was brought to the capitol building along with a few other Delphons and flashed them his psychic paper, saying he was a negotiator for the federation of planets both Delphon and Gorin belonged to and asked to be brought to the leader of the insurrection so he could stop the fighting--but he was told someone else was already doing it. He quickly added that the negotiators worked in pairs and how they'd captured his partner, then convinced them to bring him to the other negotiator. Unsurprisingly, it was Harriet who had beaten him to the punch, with the help of Phoren, and he couldn't help being rather proud of her--even if he had been upset that she could have been harmed in the blasts. Still, they were soon able to broker a peace agreement between the exiles and Delphons, and the Doctor forbade them from engaging in the eyebrow removal ceremony ever again. The Delphons even took a liking to the sunglasses Harriet had worn when she was first brought in front of the exiles and decided to use that design for a more humane and temporary means of punishment.

Just as they were setting off for Earth again, the Doctor received a summons to Ward 26 on New Earth. He assured her that yes, he could still get her back home in time--they were in a time machine after all--and so, he changed the coordinates and set off for New Earth. The Doctor proudly showed off his knowledge of New Earth and New New York, the city they'd materialised in, relating to Harriet what happened to the original Earth, but pointed out that humans had all abandoned it by that point and were prospering all over the universe. They eventually made their way to a hospital run by the Sisters of Plenitude, which sorely lacked a shop, much to the Doctor's dismay. Unbeknownst to them, however, they were followed by a little robot spider that spotted them leaving the TARDIS. The information was sent back to a very much alive enemy named Cassandra O'Brien.Δ17, whom the Doctor had last seen on Platform One twenty-three years (in that period's relative time) previously when the expanding Sun destroyed the Earth. The metal spider's reading related to her that Harriet was a full-blooded human--just the thing Cassandra needed.

So once the Doctor boarded the lift to head up to Ward 26, Cassandra overrode the door controls and forced Harriet to take the other lift. The Doctor didn't think anything was amiss and figured Harriet would catch up later. Besides, the impossible sights in Ward 26 quickly drew his attention. People with incurable diseases with no cure available until centuries later were being cured and the nurses offered no explanation about how it was being done. The Doctor soon came upon the Face of Boe, whom he'd met on Platform One, but he was asleep at the time, so the Doctor waited there for the Face to wake up and learned from Novice Hame that the Face of Boe was dying, but legend said that before he did, he had a message to pass on to a lonely wanderer without a home.

"Harriet" turned up not too long after that, though she was now possessed by Cassandra thanks to a psychograft. Cassandra had discovered that, thanks to Harriet's mind, the man she'd been with earlier was the Doctor, but with a new face. Unfortunately for her, though, she doesn't act as Harriet would or know the things Harriet would (and showed a knowledge of the hospital's inner workings that Harriet definitely wouldn't know), but the Doctor went along with the act while they broke into the Intensive Care unit that was hidden away. And with good reason. The source of the medicinal cures was formulated from thousands of pods that housed artificially created humans infected with practically every known disease and were bred by the Sisters of Plenitude. One touch would spell instant infection to the person who touched the plague carrying humans.

The Doctor, enraged by this, asked if the Sisters were behind what had been done to Harriet, but Cassandra came clean, knocked the Doctor out, and while he was trapped in an empty pod, Cassandra tried to blackmail the Sisters, but failed. In retaliation, she freed some of the humans from their pods, including the Doctor, but the system soon failed and all of the humans were freed. Cassandra's loyal servant, Chip, met up with her and the Doctor as they were fleeing to the basement, and got separated from them, unfortunately. The Doctor learned how Cassandra had transferred her consciousness to Harriet and chastised her for taking over someone very important to the course of human history--then demanded she leave her body. So...she did and went into the Doctor, and then proceeded to tell Harriet she knows about her reservations about travelling with the Doctor. How great the danger seemed, how much she feared leaving her mother alone if something happened to her, and whether she was too old for travelling around with a man who looked like he might as well be her nephew or oldest son. She never told the Doctor about her fears, not after they finally escaped the infected humans, turned back up in Ward 26, and seeing the Doctor cure all those people. After the Face of Boe disappeared with the promise of appearing one last time, they brought Cassandra--now in Chip's body--to a place in her personal timeline so she could finally die.

Back in the TARDIS, the Doctor suggested they visit a special man of whom they both know of and admire, but Harriet reminded him that she only said one trip. Suddenly sobered by that reminder and trying to hide his disappointment from her, the Doctor nodded and set the coordinates for a few hours after they left the private residence in Downing Street.

He was only off by a few more hours than that, turning up in the late morning a little before noon--something he said wasn't all that bad considering his track record--with poor Alex fielding questions and calls for her. Harriet could tell he was upset and told him that she needed to square away things for the day and that she was Prime Minister--but that she did indeed want to see Hannibal. Of course he knew this; he knew that was the risk of his travelling with someone with such import to a country. His spirits restored, he promised to come back for her in a few months and was nearly back in the TARDIS when Alex re-entered the room with a gift that had made it through security. The Doctor caught sight of it--or rather the smell of it, and, alarmed, dashed across the room and snatched it out of Alex's hands before he turned and ran for the loo. No sooner had he thrown the small package into the toilet did it begin to smoke and a few seconds later exploded just after the Doctor slammed the door.

Alex and Harriet started to alert security to find who sent the package, but the Doctor told them they wouldn't find out. That smell was coming from a Harellian tiveo, a small organic object that emits a toxic gas that the Harellians, from Harel Beta found in the Helix Nebulae, use for infiltration purposes and that the small explosion happened because the tiveo can't function in water. Then Alex received word that more of the boxes had shown up on every doorstep in the Greater London area. The Doctor asked Harriet to go on television and issue a warning to those to not open the boxes. The Doctor quickly deduced that they used the Sycorax ship's entry of the atmosphere to mask their own invasion, but he can't figure out how they managed to do it so fast and on such a scale as that--and besides, who would deliver them all?

He left Harriet and Alex to organise the collection of all the boxes, as well as organising health officials to treat anyone who might have been injured passing out from the gas, and he set off to lure the Harellians out. Using the now defunct tiveo, the Doctor made his way into the London Underground, following both his nose and an olfactory sensor ten times stronger than his own nose. The traces of the Harellian gas wasn't enough to knock him out as it would humans, but he realised that even he might succumb to it sooner or later as the gases would collect in greater concentration, so he held his breath the rest of the way. Soon, he came upon what he recognised must be a part of a catacomb system, but every bit of water had been drained out of there, lending credence to his theory that there was no way the water could have been drained so quickly in two days without there being a noticeable rise in the water level of the Thames and surely, someone would've reported that. The water had to have gone somewhere, but where?

Before he went any further, he received a call from Harriet calling him back and he left the catacombs, turning up back in another section of the Underground, and made his way back to Downing Street. There, he was informed that in the sweep of the greater London area, the police force turned up several unopened boxes, which they set off using bomb disposal units at the behest of Harriet, but also discovered that a number of people had gone missing. Knowing now that people were in danger, the Doctor began to set out on his own, but Harriet said she wasn't afraid and that this was something she had to do. Glad to hear that, he and Harriet used the TARDIS to turn up back where the Doctor had been investigating earlier.

They soon found where the kidnapped people were being kept and the Doctor left it to Harriet to see that they got out and he explained how to get back to the Underground from where they were once she'd woken them up and given them a handkerchief to protect themselves from the gas. He knew what he had to do and knew if things didn't go right, then he could potentially kill his friend. So he went and confronted the Harellian forces as they were making preparations for the next stage of their attack and noted several more tiveos scattered about the catacombs, as well as the different mechanical systems used to hold back the collected water in tanks and other containers set aside. He distracted them long enough, he hoped, to give Harriet time to rescue the kidnapped people and once he received a radio transmission from her telling them they'd made it out, the Doctor gave the Harellians a chance to leave, that their plan had failed. But the Harellians didn't listen, forcing him to sabotage the systems keeping the water at bay while he fled back to the TARDIS. Soon, water burst out into the catacombs, setting off a chain reaction of explosions that caused a cave-in, crushing the Harellian forces. Harriet later released a statement about the incident, citing it as a minor earthquake, but the damage was minimal according to reports she'd received.

The Doctor knew she had a lot to clean up there before she'd be able to come away with him again, so he told her he'd see her in a few months, hopped into the TARDIS and in a few minutes, had jumped ahead a few months into her timeline. Harriet had just returned from a visit to Deffry Vale High School and told him about how high the students' test scores have gotten since the new headmaster, Mr Finch, had taken over a few months ago. That piqued his curiosity but what clinched the mystery was Alex informing him that while they were on a tour through the kitchens, he caught sight of a strange metal barrel peeking out from under a sheet and had tried to see what was underneath. When he tried, though, he was told off by the head dinner lady. Alex might not have thought any more about it had he not seen her put on thick workgloves just to pull the sheet over to cover the barrel entirely. It also turned out that UNIT had been pretty busy as of late with plenty of UFO activity, but the Doctor said they were handling it well enough on their own as they have since he ceased working for them--of course, he conveniently neglected the fact that he was still on their payroll--and wasn't concerned, but he was interested in what was going on at that school.

He slipped a lottery ticket under the door of the school's physics teacher's door and showed up at the school the next day as her replacement, spending the next couple of days observing the goings-on of the school. The students were indeed smart and well-behaved and, to his disappointment, there weren't any troublemaking hoodies! But he couldn't help noticing how odd some of the staff behaved. He decided he'd seen enough--and besides, with him teaching classes, he couldn't snoop around as much as he wanted anyway--and that same day, he ran into Sarah Jane Smith as Mr Finch was giving her the grand tour around the school. He was elated seeing her again, but didn't let on who he was and gave her a pseudonym instead.

That night, Harriet, Alex and him began exploring the school. The Doctor ran into Sarah after she broke in (they were both aiming to investigate the headmaster's office, but his arrival prompted her to hide in a storage closet that also hid the TARDIS.) He revealed who he was and she was more than happy to see it was really him. Any further conversation was put on hold when they heard someone scream and found a very embarrassed Harriet with a pile of plastic-wrapped rats at her feet that had spilled out of a cupboard. Sarah was very surprised to see the Prime Minister herself there. Alex joined them after collecting a sample of whatever was in that barrel--something he was rather hesitant to do after seeing the show and after accidentally waking up on of the creatures in Mr Finch's office, they used Sarah's car to head off to a little cafe so the Doctor could repair Sarah's broken K-9 unit and test the substance Alex retrieved. Harriet donned a scarf she found in Sarah's car and pretended she was simply a lookalike and got that reaction a lot. Sarah and the Doctor caught up a bit, then Sarah got talking to Harriet. Harriet spoke to her about the fears Cassandra had thrown in her face, but before Sarah could reply, the Doctor reactivated K-9 and analysed the sample, determining it to be Krillitane oil. Unfortunately, Mr Finch and another Krillitane had followed them and learnt that the game was up when they heard the Doctor talk about the Time Lords.

The next day, the Doctor took Alex and Sarah (and K-9) to the school--Harriet had to stay behind--but left Alex behind just in case, which was partially due to the Doctor deciding he didn't need another person on the inside. He left Sarah to find out what the children had been working while he confronted Mr Finch, aka Brother Lassar, and issued his one warning to him. When he caught up with Sarah, she hadn't activated the computers in the room, but it was during this time that Brother Lassar had locked down the school, trapping them and all the students inside while they got to work on the final leg of the computer program. The computers in the room the Doctor and Sarah were in also turned on and he realised it was the Skasis Paradigm--and he also realised what he could possibly do with it, and Brother Lassar tried to exploit those desires, saying the Doctor could save everyone and bring his people back, and even tempted Sarah with the prospects of being young again and never grow old so she could travel with the Doctor again, but Sarah knew better and reminded the Doctor that everything must end eventually.

After smashing the screen, he and Sarah ran away, only to catch up with Alex (who'd driven Sarah's car through the doors of the school building), K-9, and a boy named Kenny who hadn't been affected by the Krillitane oil-laced chips, something the Doctor thought had tasted odd, but couldn't place his finger on at the time. The Doctor eventually deduced that the Krillitanes couldn't handle their own oil (all this while the group was evading the Krillitanes' attack on them). After Alex and Kenny had broken the rest of the children out of their trances, the Doctor, Sarah, and K-9 distracted the Krillitanes long enough for the children to leave the school and for the Doctor and Sarah to escape out through the kitchens. Sarah had been upset that K-9 had stayed behind to explode the barrels of Krillitane oil--and in doing so, also blew up the Krillitanes and part of the school. Kenny, who had gotten Alex's attention in the first place, took credit for the explosion, much to the delight of the kids.

Later on, after the Doctor went back into the school and retrieved the TARDIS, meeting up with Harriet, and Sarah a couple days later, during which time Harriet and Sarah had been meeting during that time, striking up a friendship. Before Sarah arrived, though, Harriet had spoken to the Doctor and they both agreed that Sarah ought to come along, but when they posed the offer to her, Sarah turned them down. She had her time, now it was Harriet's. The Doctor parted ways with her, giving her a proper good-bye and left behind a new K-9 unit to make up for the one he destroyed.

Together, the Doctor and Harriet went on several other adventures together (periodically visiting Earth during Harriet's point of time) including their meeting with Madame de Pompadour and her Clockwork Droids that had been waiting for her to reach a certain age; a trip to Starfall, a place where electricity doesn't work, where they encountered the murderous robotic crew formerly under the service of Hamlick Glint, and the Resurrection Casket while waiting to reach beyond the Zeg (an electromagnetic gravitation causing the electronic malfunctions) before they could get the TARDIS to function properly again; and a meeting with Hannibal in the Rhône River valley, 218 BC, and helped him evade the Gauls and the Romans so he and his troops could continue their march up the Mediterranean coast.

Meanwhile, a couple days into Harriet's timeline, during which time Harriet was supposedly on holiday to see her mother, Alex received several notices from UNIT about the recent increase in UFO activity all over the country and soon realised he couldn't hold off on telling Harriet about them any longer. Once the Doctor and Harriet arrived after receiving the message, however, Alex maintained he knew nothing and had never received such reports. A quick check of Alex's memory proved that to be true. Even calls to UNIT were dead ends as they had no record of increased UFO activity at all, nor of any communiques to the Prime Minister's office.

In fact, while the Doctor tried to trace things for himself, Harriet found her day to be...rather peaceful. Even her biggest political opponents were quite agreeable and amiable, though some remained just as stubborn as ever. As the day wore on, though, Harriet noticed just about everybody had become increasingly friendly, to the point where people would spend a great deal of time deciding who should go first through a doorway (or a lift, or a taxi, or even taking a spot in front of the other in line, etc), though they seemed wary of windows and insisted on drawing the blinds in each and every room, making it as dark as possible. Harriet brought that to the Doctor's attention, since he'd been busy double and triple checking the computer systems UNIT used (for anything and everything he could think of) and hadn't really interacted with anybody else except for her and Alex, though he had noticed Alex was more eager to please than normal and had thought it was Alex's way of apologising for calling them back like that. Of course, the Doctor had his suspicions, but kept those to himself until he had more proof.

When night fell, however, Harriet and the Doctor were working late (Harriet in her office and the Doctor out wandering the residential streets of Brent with a detector) and attacked by creatures moving in the shadows, though only one 'attacked' Harriet. The Doctor used the sonic screwdriver to fight them off just before they overwhelmed him in a great mass of shadows, activating all the street-lamps in the street, thus exposing the creatures. Only...he was surprised to see a couple normal humans grimace in pain and pass out. The behaviour of the creatures reminded the Doctor of a species he'd heard of but hadn't encountered before: the Vashta Nerada, but only in that they used and manipulated shadows. Instead of a swarm or near gestalt entity, he was attacked by only a few large ones that almost seemed to be tangible (he swore he felt the air move in front of his face as one had tried to grab him, for example). He recruited, albeit a bit forcefully, the help of a young woman named Katherine Sinclair and dragged his attackers into her house, she being the only one still up at that time of night on the street. She showed no signs of acting like the other people both the Doctor and Harriet had encountered earlier in the day. Katherine was confused and a little put out at first, but quickly became excited and rather inquisitive about what was going on, even after the Doctor had her tie the people up in her dining room chairs, then had her turn on all the lights in her house. Fearing for Harriet's safety, he used Katherine's phone to call Harriet and grew anxious when it took her a long time to answer, but finally she did, telling him that something had surprised her while she caught up on paperwork, and it turned out to be Alex. She was already nervous from the very odd behaviour of MPs and overreacted. He could hear Alex in the background, moaning and groaning about how bright the light was--and soon heard similar complaints from his own attackers. He told Harriet to turn on every light she could and to stay put until he got back. He then questioned the possessed people but couldn't get much out of them because the light made them incomprehensible.

Suddenly, the lights in Katherine's house began to flicker and died. Light still poured in from the street-lamps, though, offering the Doctor and Katherine minimal light. There, they watched for a moment as dark forms seeped out of the mouth of each person tied up and overtook their bodies, and once they'd taken hold, the figures easily broke their bonds. Together, the Doctor and Katherine fled the house, and ran to her car, but Katherine was too slow and was caught by the shadow creatures. She was able to toss him her car keys before she was completely overwhelmed, but that didn't make him feel any better. He'd gotten her involved and now he had no idea what was going to become of her. He drove away as fast as he could, staying ahead of the dark mass of shadows, but surprisingly, they eventually gave up the chase. He didn't relax, knowing Harriet was still with one of them--and more annoyingly, he couldn't quite pinpoint what the creature was. Still though, he knew she was more than capable of taking care of herself.

10 Downing Street, like all the other buildings and streets he'd passed, was quiet. The Doctor didn't like the distinct lack of security nor the fact that anyone could walk right in if they wanted to, and booked it up to Harriet's private residence, only to find a good majority of the security detail there guarding the well-lit hallway outside her study. They knew who he was by then and let him in without any question. Inside, Harriet was sitting, tired, on a couch while Alex twitched and jerked under the light of a few lamps Harriet had pointed on him. Harriet said she tried to question Alex, but had no success, though she was perplexed that just about every alien species they'd met had so far had heard of her when she announced who she was. The Doctor said nothing about it, instead dragging Alex into a corner of the room and manipulated the lamps until most of the light was off him, but still effectively caged him in so the creature inside Alex's body was at ease and able to answer the Doctor's questions.

He learned the creatures, known as Alquona, had been taking a short-cut through the Sol System after a lengthy observation of an Earth-like planet in a nearby star system, but something happened to their ship: the light shields had unexpectedly failed and they were forced to enter Earth's atmosphere in order to salvage what was left of the observation fleet. Their accidental journey to Earth merely a week before the Harellians arrived had weakened them and they used the catacombs and tube system to hide away, slowly regaining their strength and recovering from the exposure to the sun. After overhearing the Harellians' plans to invade the homes of everyone in London, they hitched a ride in the boxes containing the Harellian tiveos and decided to use that as a reconnaissance mission to find someone who could help them get home. They had no plans to stop the invasion, though, as they wished to stay out of such things, being mere observers. Unfortunately, some of the Alquona people died when the boxes were opened thanks to near-direct exposure to the sun's rays that Christmas morning. Not even the haze of the gas cloud could save them.

The one possessing Alex, which the Doctor called Ona, managed to escape the explosion in the loo and had been listening in on conversations between Harriet and Alex about the Doctor and knew that if there was anyone who could help them, it was him. Ona missed its chance to communicate with the Doctor before and knew it couldn't join back up with its people until it found the Doctor. It knew its people were growing more desperate to leave Earth. The Sycorax invasion had made them antsy, but the latest bout of incoming UFOs had made them panic and decide that Ona was taking too long to find a way off the planet. The rest of the Alquona left their hiding spots and took possession of the people available to them (some taking control of Parliament officials). Ona too had acted that same day, taking possession of Alex soon after he called the Doctor. Unfortunately, doing so had erased the very last thought on Alex's mind, which explained why he couldn't remember receiving any word from UNIT recently. The possession took a number of hours to take hold and the process had the odd side effect of making people uncharacteristically happy and agreeable. After all, they thought they were doing the right thing in agreeing to queries posed by Harriet. They knew from the minds of their hosts that she was the authority in that country, so naturally, she should be appeased.

However, the Doctor couldn't help feeling there was something still amiss. After all, why the urgent need to flee Earth? And why did the other Alquona attack him if they were only trying to get a hold of him, and most importantly, why attack at all if they were a peaceful species? Suspecting something was still going on, he asked Ona to have the Alquona gather and meet him at a certain set of coordinates so they were far away from the PM's place of residence. The security detail let the possessed Alex leave at Harriet's behest, but her head of security refused to let her out of sight, so she drove out with her security detail in tow to those same coordinates, which turned out to be the newly opened and reconstructed Wembley Stadium, while the Doctor landed the TARDIS there on centre stage.

The Alquona slowly turned up in their possessed bodies, but the Doctor had prepared something ahead of time in case things went pear-shaped. The other Alquona mistook the security detail's presence as a threat as they thought the Doctor would act alone without such help and started to attack, but the Doctor stepped in and said if they did, they'd severely regret it. To illustrate his point, since few had heard him, he took a remote he'd cobbled together and turned one of the bright lights in the stadium on for a split second. Some of the Alquona instantly calmed down, scared and now somewhat fearful of the Doctor, but others were enraged and a possessed Katherine stepped out of the crowd and cried that what the Doctor did was an attack on the Alquona species and that he wasn't there to help, but had instead drawn them there merely to kill them off.

The angered Alquona began attacking, exchanging blows with the members of the security detail who had to be reminded not to harm them, but the situation quickly escalated from fist fighting to an all out brawl until a shot suddenly rang out and Katherine lay bleeding at the Doctor's feet. Her possessed body had tried to attack him and Harriet and one of Harriet's guards had shot her. His shock quickly changed to rage at them all and he switched on his device, every single light turning on in the stadium. Several Alquona-possessed people fell to the ground in agony, but he didn't seem to care right then as he wrenched the gun from the guard and threw it away. Harriet ordered her security detail to take Katherine to the hospital as she was still alive, and tried to calm the Doctor down. She reminded him of what he'd said to her about how anger and violence wasn't a part of who the Alquona were (though she was beginning to wonder about those things in regards to the Doctor), and he did rein himself in, her words pinging something in his memory.

He finally remembered what he'd learnt about the Alquona back in the Academy and reminded them of their accomplishments alongside other such researchers like the novelisors of Verbatim Six (though both sides would claim they did the most work and the other side merely helped) and eventually calmed them down. He said that once they were back home and free of any other influences--not-so-subtly blaming the attitude change on their fairly violent choice in hosts--they'd return to normal; they only needed to leave their host bodies and come with him. He would bring them home in the TARDIS. He told them he had turned down the lights in there for them, but asked that when they went in, that they didn't touch a thing or think about slipping in anywhere else as the TARDIS was on high alert for any creature attempting to leave the console room. (It was an outright lie, but the Alquona didn't know that. The threat did its job.)

And he made it very clear that if they tried what they did again, he wouldn't hesitate to turn the lights back on--and a second later changed his mind and gave the device to Harriet, ultimately making the decision hers. Lucky for them both, the Alquona did leave their host bodies, knowing that what the Doctor said about them was true. Harriet ordered the remaining members of her security detail to bring everyone home and report in when they received word about Katherine's condition. She and the Alquona joined the Doctor in the TARDIS and soon turned up on their homeworld. Before the Doctor and Harriet left, he asked Ona how the Alquona managed to hide the erase UNIT's records regarding the the UFO activity, but Ona said it didn't know. None of the Alquona had even heard of this "UNIT" he spoke of.

Slightly disturbed by that bit of information, the Doctor filed it away to ponder on later, but was quickly distracted when Harriet received a call from Alex that Katherine was still alive, but barely. It was enough to cheer him up, however, and he quickly began thinking of all sorts of places, times, and people he wanted Harriet to see next since she still was technically on holiday as far as her timeline on Earth was concerned.

So he set the coordinates for their next adventure, both of them eager to put that near disaster behind them, and continued to have one hell of a time gallivanting all around space and time. Harriet had only just mentioned that she'd like to see Elvis Presley one of these days and how she had a bit of a schoolgirl crush on him as she was growing up (they'd just been to see a rather brilliant version of the The Pirates of Penzance and got on the subject of musicals and musical artists they fancied) when the Doctor caught sight of a peculiar shop and left Harriet for a minute to go inspect it. He would have brought her along, but the cast from the musical had just come out of the theatre and were giving an impromptu encore for their adoring fans and he didn't want to tear Harriet away from that.

The Doctor found the little shop that led to him gaining access to the Plane not long after that performance he and Harriet had been to. Several things had happened to him after that, including meeting long-lost friends and family he knew to be out of his life or dead in his reality, and with them, he set about investigating the Plane and why he could come there.

Of the things that have happened to him have included an experiment where he became the Valeyard and tortured anyone he came across, both physically and mentally; was reunited with and rescued a friend from Gondovan (Oliver Day) who is currently travelling with Harriet and him; and he organized the end of the deathmatches, but in doing so, things had changed, but how much, well, they're all still discovering that. Other things have happened as well; there was always something to do on the Plane--or rather, things the Plane was doing to you. After learning his friends were in danger, he ventured into the shop and came face-to-face with ghosts from his past in the form of Rassilon and the Daleks. It...was not an easy time by any means, but having faced it and persevered, he had started on a path that would lead to him forgiving himself for what he knew he had to do. Of course, such a realisation would take time, but it was an improvement over his original feelings about the life-changing event nonetheless.

But after a very taxing time for his young companion, and mysterious things going on back in their reality, Harriet had to decline the invitation to go see Elvis live, saying she'll enjoy a trip at a later date when countless people were going missing and turning up dead, missing limbs. So off the Doctor and Oliver went to go see Elvis in his first television appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in New York City! Only...the TARDIS had gotten things wrong and brought them to the day before Queen Elizabeth II's coronation.

Things only got weirder from there. After discovering that there were an unusual amount of television antennaes up on the roofs and watching men in black effectively kidnap a man (they claimed to be the police), they met Tommy Connolly, who told them this wasn't unusual; people were turning into monsters. They gave chase aboard the Doctor's blue moped, but soon lost sight of the car. After hunting around for a bit, they turn back up at the Connolly's, barging their way in (or rather, the Doctor barged in, saying they represented Queen and Country), and disrupting the household. Eventually, they learned exactly what was going on: the grandmother had lost her face to the door, and it'd been going on for a while. The police would turn up once they'd learnt someone had had their face taken.

Unfortunately, the Doctor was knocked out with a right-hook, and he ran out and took off on the moped, leaving Oliver behind. While the Doctor was separated, he did some snooping around the area where the car had disappeared, finding a small hatchway into the warehouse where the police had been keeping all the other faceless people. And he was soon caught--then interrogated by DI Bishop, or rather he, in turn, interrogated them about why they weren't out investigating. From there, he heard what was going on since the beginning, a month ago. While this was going on, other detectives found a faceless Oliver, much to the Doctor's dismay. He was angered beyond reason, saying 'nothing on Earth would stop him now' once he'd learnt that Oliver had just been abandoned out on the street.

Knowing his only lead was Tommy, he led DI Bishop back to the Connolly's house just as the coronation was starting to learn what exactly had happened. After a bit of family domestics, he discovereda device in Magpie's shop and then all the televisions where the people had been trapped. He found Oliver's calling out for him. It turned out that Mister Magpie was just a puppet for The Wire, a being who had been executed by its people--but escaped ultimate death by taking on an energy form, then found its way to Earth in 1953. It fed on the neural energy from the brain, but now wanted out of the television--and it had a way. The Wire almost succeeded in sucking the Doctor and Tommy's faces off, but poor Bishop wasn't spared. They woke up moments later and he deduced where Magpie would be taking the makeshift transmitter.

After cobbling together a makeshift Betamax videotape recorder and making a stop for something in the TARDIS, he and Tommy went after Magpie, finishing construction on the device as they went. From there, he ran up in pursuit of Magpie, a wire connecting the device he'd left Tommy with running up with him as he climbed. He arrived just as Magpie had hooked his own device to the large antennae, The Wire feeding on all the people watching the Coronation and shocking the Doctor as he climbed. He only survived a really nasty shock thanks to his rubber-soled shoes--but unfortunately the shock also shorted out his device. Thankfully though, Tommy knew to replace the blown vacuum tube and thus...the Wire was no more. Everyone's faces were restored and the Wire was recorded onto a Betamax videotape. Tommy and the Doctor went to the warehouse where they were reunited with Tommy's gran and Oliver. After all that, they were able to go enjoy themselves at the giant block party and relax.

(Newest Update)
Some time had passed since the adventure in 1950's England. Doctor returned to Harriet not long after his trip to the asteroid/ship near a blackhole. Oliver had been back home for a bit, so the Doctor went to the doomed asteroid on his own. Nothing was too different compared to the canon episodes ("The Impossible Planet"/"Satan Pit") otherwise, except that the crew took the initiative to do the things that Rose would've encouraged and helped with. The same people died, unfortunately, and the Ood still all perished as well. It only made the Doctor realize how alone he was and how he wanted someone with him more often than just part-time.

He wasn't about to admit it to anyone, but he was hurting after that one and needed a friendly face. So he visited with Harriet and eventually coaxed her out for a short trip to the past just so she could clear her head and destress. Her mother's health had gotten a bit worse lately, and Harriet had been working herself to the bone. When he picked her up, he noticed that things in Downing Street didn't quite feel right. He shook it off, put that feeling into the back of his mind, and whisked Harriet away. It was on this trip to the past where they encountered the alien that killed a little boy's mother in their family home. This boy was Elton. The events of "Love and Monsters" happened sort of like they do except that Elton was visiting with Harriet's mom for a bit to get to know more about Harriet and her relation with the Doctor. At first, he had to convince Harriet's mom that he wasn't part of the press and looking for any kind of scandals. He said he was interested more about the mysterious Doctor, her advisor, but he soon started coming on his own to visit her because he genuinely liked to and in a way, she reminded him of his mother, even though she would've been much older even back then. (He didn't quite remember why but his mom was killed the night he saw the Doctor for the first time.) Partway into Elton's "investigation", Harriet was dropped off for a visit at the same time Elton was there visiting her mom, and well... At first, both Harriet and the Doctor were angry to learn why he was there, but Harriet relented when Elton told her why he continued to visit, and he tried to convince the Doctor to come meet the others from LINDA: Ursula, Mr Skinner, and Bridget. The Doctor, somewhat annoyed that all this had been going on, agreed but only to tell them all off for purposefully putting themselves into danger like that, and how they really should've been more careful and how they had to continue on leading their lives, etc etc.

By this point, Bliss had disappeared, but since Elton met the Doctor and Harriet much sooner, she was the only one to become a victim of the Abzorbaloff, though he almost got Bridget. Elton turned up late for the newest meeting of LINDA, with the Doctor, and Harriet in tow. The other members were surprised to not only be visited by the man they've all been fans of, but also by the Prime Minister herself! Except Victor Kennedy/Abzorbaloff (from here on out called "Victor-loff") tried to spring his trap to absorb the Doctor, but the Doctor could tell what Victor-loff was from a mile away--it was the stench his superior nose could detect--and he told the others to run and not touch Victor-loff. The others fled, with Elton leading Harriet out, while the Doctor distracted Victor-loff and simultaneously kept running away from him as well. After the others got away, Elton turned right around to find and help the Doctor, but Harriet also followed after, as she wasn't about to let him get himself killed, and perhaps she thought she could reason with this alien.

They found the Doctor and Victor-loff running in an alley towards them and the Doctor shouted for Elton to get away. Distracted from his quarry, Victor-loff turned and began going after Harriet and Elton instead to lure the Doctor in closer. They continued to run until the other members of LINDA suddenly appeared and ambushed Victor-loff, all of them armed with a broom, mop, and pipe wrench. They remembered what the Doctor said about not letting it touch them and Mr Skinner got in a good blow on its arm, knocking the cane away. Bliss started yelling for them to break the cane, so Elton dove in and did just that as Victor-loff was about to touch him. Victor-loff dissolved right there and then, unfortunately taking Bliss with it as they were both absorbed into the ground. Or so they thought. The Doctor pushed past them all just then, brandishing his sonic screwdriver, and tried to reverse as much of the process as he could. He wasn't able to bring back her body or anything, but he was able to bring back most of her head so she could exist in a concrete tile (like Ursula would've done in the canon version).

After all that, the Doctor and Harriet did sit down with everyone and chat with them all (in their little clubhouse in the basement to at least keep some privacy). By that point, much of the Doctor's annoyance with them had dissipated. But he did worry that something like that could happen again, but with someone or something far nastier. They had to be more careful, and anyway, they'd met him all now! They didn't have to hunt for any more sightings of him! But he was curious, and asked them all how they all got involved. The head of Bliss, Mr Skinner, and Ursula went first, but when it came to Bridget's turn, she mentioned how she'd come to London to search for her daughter, Katherine Sinclair. She'd disappeared some years ago after becoming addicted to drugs. It took a second, but the name rang a bell, and he asked her if she happened to have a photo. She did, and the Doctor just started to smile. He remembered her from the incident with the Alquona and how she'd helped him and Harriet before being possessed. (He left out the part about how she tried to kill them later, but he knew that wasn't her fault.) Harriet piped in with how she'd checked in on the young woman after the fact, and she actually had a small position in Downing Street doing some secretarial work for her, as well as how she'd been clean for a couple years now. Needless to say, Bridget was beyond happy and emotional to learn all that. While Harriet and the others chatted about that more, the Doctor quietly chatted with Elton. It'd taken another moment for him to remember something else, but he didn't want to say it front of the others. He told Elton how he remembered meeting him as a boy and how he was so, so sorry that he didn't get there in time to save his mother. He explained how the creature, an elemental shade, had escaped, and he and Harriet were tracking it (which is what the trip to help destress Harriet ultimately turned into), and it broke into Elton's house.

In the end, Harriet said she'd like it if Elton could continue visiting with her mother as she knew her mother could use the company when she wasn't able to go there. She'd even get it cleared officially. As she and the Doctor departed, she mentioned how maybe they ought to give their names to UNIT as they had managed to be pretty good at what they did, and they could use people with that kind of expertise on their side--as well as an environment to do so safely. The Doctor, however, was reluctant and said he'd think about it. For now, he wanted them to enjoy what life could offer them right now.

That feeling came back again, that something was wrong, after he dropped Harriet back at Number 10. He started to snoop around, pretending to do security checks--okay, he was doing them too but he had ulterior motives--while he was really searching for bugs. Standard procedure, he felt, and it wasn't like people weren't used to the sight of him snooping around there anyway, so he was left to his own devices. He didn't find any bugs, unfortunately, but he did find something curious in one of the staff fridges: a drink called Karmaless Kin. It's a citrus-flavoured energy drink (to humans), and it's filled with all sorts of addictive caffeine additives. But it came with a gimmick. A special little pill had to be dropped into it, and the entire drink became all milky. It's non-toxic to humans, but something about the little pill bothers him. And he's of the opinion it's awful because it was green milk that wasn't mint flavoured.

After a quick visit with DI Patricia Menzies on the Plane--he needed to see if that drink existed in her reality (which was a few years ahead of where he was normally)--the Doctor came to the conclusion that he just couldn't trust Harriet enough to tell her what was going on. By that point, he'd figured out why that milky taste bothered him, and he couldn't be sure that she hadn't already been replaced. It'd been a while since he last met the Zygons--since the former Warlord Haygoth, aka Aunty Pat, had passed--but if anyone would be in need of the different chemicals in that drink, he just knew it had to be them.

But the trouble with Zygons, aside from their continued attempts to conquer the Earth and make it inhabitable for their own people, was that anyone could be a Zygon and he wouldn't be the wiser unless he knew them well enough. And even then, if they didn't act entirely out of the ordinary, he might not notice as quick as he ought to have done. He'd been fooled before, and if there was a drink in existence, then the Zygons could have been around for a while. Again.

To be on the safe side, he lied to Harriet, telling her that he was being called away and be gone for a bit, and left Number 10. That is, after he'd planted a few bugs of his own to make sure Harriet was all right (though at this point, he still wasn't sure if she was still her or not. The incident with Elton and her mother made him curious and slightly suspicious; is that something she would've done? Human emotions and thought processes eluded him at the best of times, but he knew Harriet. Maybe that was why he was so uncertain. He knew how much she cared for her mother, but also for her duty to the people of Great Britain. Either way, he knew he had to keep an eye on her and if she started acting odd and making policy changes that seemed out of character (or questionable, or harmful, etc), then well, he had his answer.

He moved the TARDIS, hiding it away from prying eyes, and got to work, first checking out the manufacturers of that drink. Snuck in under the guise of a health and safety inspector and found nothing out of the ordinary so far as the manufacturing process. Everything was on the level--except for the makers of that little gimmicky pill thing. The Doctor tracked them down to a bustling company outside Brighton, with sister plants up in Scotland, Paris, and one in Virginia. Becoming more and more certain he was on the right track, he nosed around UNIT databases and looked up reports of anything odd in those areas. Sure enough, there'd been weird sightings of the papers hadn't been reported on in the regular news outlets (though a couple leaked out into the tabloid papers, but no one really trusted those as fact anyway). He also found that an inordinate number of underground tunnels--including the metro system in London--were closed for renovations, or because they'd become unsafe over the years and were suddenly deemed so. He wondered if Harriet knew about any of this going on and just never mentioned it to him. This kind of thing happened all the time, especially in places as old as London and Paris, but it seemed like things had been closed up gradually over a number of years even before Harriet became Prime Minister.

At that point, the Doctor still had no scope for the overall size of this invasion, but the more he dug around and snooped, the more he realized just how big it was. How he hadn't noticed any of this before was beyond him, but he wondered if this group had learned from the ones he battled previously in Tullock, Scotland. The ones since hadn't been as problematic, but then again, if he hadn't run into them when he had, perhaps they could've been. The fact of the matter was...well, he was slowly realising that he couldn't keep on doing this on his own.

Of course, he realised that about five minutes after discovering an underground Zygon hideout. The first tunnel he snuck into was just filled with various--and filled--body-print technology chambers, and had been converted into a mix of organic and inorganic matter in the tunnels themselves. Only then did the Doctor realise that he'd been in this part of the Underground before. He'd done a search previously of the tunnels and catacombs during the Harellian invasion, and this had been the chamber that'd been filled with water. That must have been when it was commandeered and converted! He never did check up on it again; he assumed Harriet had done it in the months he'd been away. And then, something one of the Alquona had said to him came back to him as well. He'd asked Ona how they managed to erase UNIT's records but she didn't have a clue what he was talking about at the time--and he just ignored it all. Forgotten it like the stupid Doctor he was. He immediately left to regroup, but he was uncertain whether his actions had been noticed or not. He knew his time was growing shorter.

He knew where his next trip should be, but he knew he couldn't do it alone, not now. And he didn't want to get Oliver involved either, but he had learned from his friend that the invasion had gotten up to Birmingham (but he refrained from making a joke about how no one would notice anyway because Birmingham.) The other person he knew he could always trust and would be able to help out in such a situation was the Brigadier (Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart). The Brigadier was much older now, knighted, and retired, but the Doctor knew that wouldn't deter one of his oldest friends. Granted, he met up with him under the pretense of a different name to test the Brigadier and make sure it was still him. The Brig, as sharp as ever, figured him out in five minutes and that was enough proof for him. Together, they infiltrated the UNIT base where most of the outer space observations were made and recorded to do an "inspection" and visit to boost morale, with the Doctor being snuck in as the Brig's driver and assistant. The Brig wasn't as spry as he was back in the good ol' days, so he needed help. While the Brigadier entertained a small group in the officer's mess, the Doctor snuck away to scan for any kind of Zygon tech and sure enough, there was. Along with a few Zygons.

But these ones didn't immediately turn hostile. They'd seen the Doctor hunting around (though they hadn't seen all of his hunting) and knew he'd be along soon enough. The Doctor reasoned with them, telling them that others had tried to take over Earth and they were doomed to fail because he would always be there to protect it--and they knew that as well. They'd been hoping the Doctor would come along; it just took him longer than they expected. They tell him that they're part of many small teams sent to infiltrate and succeed where the others have failed, but this small group had come to really enjoy Earth and humans, and they'd known of the Doctor for a while. They just weren't sure how to approach him. He chided them for not saying so sooner, and asked them if there were any others who felt the same. None of the other teams did, though. And unfortunately, the fourth Zygon in their team felt the same as the rest of their comrades, else they would've warned people of more invasions in the past than had been actually reported. Knowing the fourth Zygon could be a problem, the Doctor asked them not to say a thing about his visit, and to keep a lid on things until he returned with someone he thought could help.

It was a long shot, but he still had to try. The "help" he had in mind was the former Warlord Haygoth, or as he'd become to be known in recent years, "Aunty Pat". If there was anyone who could sympathise with what those other three Zygons were going through, it'd be him. He just hoped he wasn't too late. Borrowing the Brig's car while he stays with the other three Zygons, he went to retrieve "Aunty Pat", knowing full well that Aunty Pat's body would've been starting to fail around now. When he got there, he explained in very frank terms who he was, what was going on, and how he needed Pat's help. He also told Pat that he what he knew about the real Pat's body failing, and how they'd both end up dying in the near-ish future--but it wouldn't be from all the mess going on. He'd make sure that the timeline was preserved, and that Pat had to knock him out. Pat would know when the right time would be. As much as it pained him to remember all that, knowing that it was himself who put his younger self through that, he knew it had to happen. Not even his strong desire to prevent so much death in his past could keep him from reversing it. (If he started doing that, where would he stop before everything imploded?)

Now that he had Pat, he returned to the UNIT base, but ran into the fourth Zygon. Fearing for what might have happened to the others, the Doctor almost tried to run, but Pat stepped up and revealed who he really was, and how he'd tricked the Doctor into revealing his plans to stop the great Zygons from taking over. Hoping that it was all a bluff, the Doctor went along with it and allowed him and the fourth Zygon to bring him in. However, when the opportunity presented itself, Pat/Haygoth killed the fourth Zygon, and told the Doctor it was for the best. He remembered this Zygon and knew he'd betray him to his superiors at the first opportunity. The Doctor was furious but knew he couldn't do anything about it, and knew that Haygoth would disperse the Zygon's body once they found their ship. Plus it turned out that the others were perfectly fine; they'd just gotten unlucky returning to the base. The Brigadier had the other three cleaning and making sure things were spotless (all under the guise of the inspection, but the Brigadier felt better keeping them all occupied.)

The Doctor told them that he wanted to help the Zygons find a permanent home so they'd stop trying to invade Earth once and for all. There were many uninhabited planets he could think of, but none of them had thought to ask for help. They were now, though. And they had to do it soon. The invasion had spread pretty far, as the Doctor had feared, but it had yet to spread completely worldwide. With Pat/Haygoth, the Doctor and the other three formulated a plan to trick the Zygons to return to the command ships. All they needed to do was destroy the other ships and rescue the people they have stored in the body-print machines. The three Zygons knew where every one of them were, and they knew they could help take out a couple of them, but if they wanted things to go faster, they needed more people. The only person with the ability to be everywhere seemingly at once was the Doctor.

It was then that the Doctor realised that he had to turn his old companions he figured could help him out. He searched them out, many of whom were much older than he remembered, but that didn't matter to him. In the end, he was able to recruit Rose, Jackie, Mickey, Sarah Jane, Jo Jones (Grant), Liz Shaw, and after making sure they weren't compromised, Mike Yates and John Benton (both retired too)--but he knew he still needed more people. The Brig knew he couldn't do much more beyond what he'd already been able to do, so he asked his daughter, Kate Stewart, to help out but she was only a scientific advisor so she could only do so much--and it turned out that the officer assigned to both assist and fight alongside her was none other than Captain Jack Harkness. Having met a version of Jack on the Plane before, the Doctor was prepared for the wrongness and was able to accept him a bit quicker, with less distrust and prejudice (well. Some. But he tried.) Jack, knowing that he'd someday meet the Doctor again, kept joining and leaving different military organisations throughout the years until UNIT was created. He stayed with UNIT, left once, and came back as his own son later and actually held the rank of Captain. He wanted to find the Doctor and hope he had a way to fix what had happened to him, but the Doctor knew he didn't. Jack literally was impossible. But the Doctor also knew whomever was stuck with Jack in the upcoming would be in good hands, but he warned Jack to behave himself nonetheless.

Still, knowing what he was asking the others to do, he sent them various places around Great Britain and other parts of the world to take care of the extraneous ships there, leaving the Doctor to take care of the rest. Throughout all this, and knowing he had the friendly Zygons to ask to see if Harriet had been taken over or not, he ultimately decided to leave her be. She had to run the country, and it wouldn't be wise for her to disappear while all this was going on. the Plane he went to find others willing to help him.
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