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Dec. 13th, 2009 12:49 am
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The moment the TARDIS had ceased shaking him about like a die in a tumbler, he scrambled to his feet, immediately checking his ship's systems. "Everything all right there, old girl?" he asked absently, his hands flicking and turning different switches and dials, his eyes glancing at the screen. Made him glad he waited to test the updated fast-return switch he'd just installed until after he'd left Harriet in Flydale North to visit her mum. A private trip there without all the media coverage would do her some good, he felt.

Now if he could only figure out what the hell went wrong with his TARDIS... The fast return switch, by all rights, should have brought him back to Sulinara! The original trip there hadn't been as bumpy, nor had any of the other trips he'd made using the old switch. Not that he recalled anyway.

He shrugged and sighed at the read-outs he was glancing over. The TARDIS would only tell him he was on Earth and nothing else. "Come on, not even a little clue?" he complained and frowned as he slipped the pair of glasses off his face and stowed them safely away. "I hope you're not acting like this on purpose. I'll have you know it wasn't my fault the switch didn't work!" A pause. "Well...it might have been," he conceded, running a hand through his hair. "Just a bit..."

Deciding it'd be best if he left the TARDIS to run a diagnostics on that particular section of her systems in peace, he quickly made his way to the door, shrugging his long brown coat on. "Just going out for a stroll," he said, hoping to get a response from his ship. He only received a stony silence in return; even the humming in the console room had become more subdued. "Right," he added, clicking his teeth together. "Back in a jiff."

Something told him, however, as he stepped out into a leafy forest on what like a beautiful summer day, that he might be a little longer than a 'jiff'. "What?"

Especially if what he saw before him was indeed another TARDIS, an exact copy of the one he'd just left. "What?!"
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